AAWT Day 1 Namadji Visitors Centre to Honeysuckle Camp



Gang at Melbourne Airport so excited (and tired), Phoebe (me), Harriet and Meg, Photo Phoebe Robertson

After a Saturday night spent at my friends Greek Orthodox Wedding, Mia and I collected Harriet and Meg and took us all out to her house in Broadmeadows near the airport. There was a party going on there and we all slept just a bit. Today we took an early flight to Canberra, I said goodbye to Mia slightly stressed about missing the plane but called her later, arrived in Canberra and took a last minute Uber scramble to buy some maps I had left at home.


Harry on the hot hot climb, Photo Phoebe Robertson

We finally made it to the Namadji Visitors Centre and the start of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) southbound. We started a exposed bare hot climb, 600m in 4km, we could seen Canberra through the hills on the skyline. We were all exhausted from the night before, but excited because we felt like we were escaping civilisation. After clambering over exposed rock faces that in winter would be waterfalls, through dry bush full of giant boulders and open grassland. The day ended in beautiful fading light walking beside a small stream up a rainforesty fairy valley. Lush. Although, our campsite is less than lush, hard, and full of pesky sneaky kangaroos and ravens who want our precious food.


Amongst the boulders, Namadji National Park, Photo Meg Wettenhall

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