AAWT Day 2 Honeysuckle Camp to Bimberi Creek

BIG DAY! After a short steep hike up a jeep track we descended to Orrale Valley in blue sky, a perfect place to have a nudey swim which I timed perfectly to be passed by a group of elderly joggers, the first people we had seen all day. Meg and Harry were baben’ it in the sun, and we were too lazy to walk to the Space Station further up the valley.


Babe, Photo Meg Wettenhall

We continued along the valley with views that extended forever, surrounded by ridges crowned with rocky outcrops. The valley was filled with hude 5m wide boulders, scary. A hot windy jeep track climb led us to Cotter Gap, our first taste of the high alpine grass plains yet to come. I have a fairly good idea of what is ahead of us as I walked the AAWT northbound in its entirety in 2012/3 with my friend Annie Trumble. We had lunch and a small siesta by Sawtooth Creek, our poor legs were really feeling tired and sore today, not only have we walked 30km in the last 24hrs our packs weigh 22-24kg. We have all forgotten a watch, and so we are using the sun to tell what the time is, vaguely.



Meggo in Orrale Valley, Namadji National Park, Photo Phoebe Robertson

One steep climb later and a nice gradual descent past a baby brown snake and a giant blue tongue, to Cotter Gap, aka Canberra’s water supply. We crossed Cotter Creek squandering a beautiful campsite due to camping restrictions, passed Cotter Hut and set up camp by the Mosquito-ee Bimberi Creek. The sun was setting, BIG DAY!


Crossing Cotter Creek and stinking up the water, Photo Meg Wettenhall

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