AAWT Day 3 Day 3 Bimberi Creek to Seventeen Flat Creek

Boy were we feeling it today! A 500m steep steep climb right after waking up, we were passed by Phd students in 4WDs and even the cars were struggling. At the top was Murray Gap, the forest opened up into a deceivingly spongy and sodden field, wild flowers starting to flower, tiny streams under foot, shallow marshy pools full of tadpoles. We had a break at the ACT/NSW border under Bimberi Peak, and picked up rubbish left some fools.


Murray Gap, ACT over our shoulders, Photo Meg Wettenhall

A more meandering descent led us to Oldfields hut and in the log book I spied an entry I wrote on the third last day (of 49) of my walk 3 years ago. Memories (sung). We had also finally made it to the Alpine high plains and brumbies, its official. So many brumbies, such pests, but so romantic of an old Australia and the stories I grew up with, we even saw a silver brumby that must be a descendent of Thowra!



Oldfields Hut, Photo Phoebe Robertson


Historic text, Oldfields Hut, Photo Phoebe Robertson

After one more ridge climb we made it into camp in the early afternoon, with time to spare for washes, chats, a campfire, and books. Perfecto!


Brumby TV, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Meggo in lights (beauty), Photo Phoebe Robertson



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