AAWT Day 4 Seventeen Flat Creek to Hainsworth Hut


Good morning! Photo Meg Wettenhall

Meg and I took a small side trip to the Blue Waterholes, we left Harry nursing a sore achilles in camp. We visited a huge cave 400m+ in length and met a caver just casually worming his way out. We saw streams that went underground and then rose again in springs, spurting out of cliff walls. We stood atop huge subterranean water systems, this is limestone country.


Solomon’s Cave, Blue Waterholes


Windows or eyes? Solomon’s Cave, Photo Meg Wettenhall

We nudey swam and got sprung by a father and son who kept fishing until just after we got dressed. The waterhole we chose was deep, clear, freezing and icy blue. In other pools tendrils of water weed grew like feint wisps of smoke from the depth before pooling on the surface, soaking up the sun. We walked to the edge of a huge gorge with 25m straight stone walls, but the river was too high to walk any further and too cold to swim. We met a group of rough tough 4WD men filming for a channel 9 TV show, they thought we were crazy, and we thought they were crazy as they spoke so passionately about 4WDs.


Frosty nips and crystal clear drips, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Clarke Gorge, Blue Waterholes, Photo Phoebe Robertson

After meeting back up with Harry who had been snoozing and watching brumby TV, we set off across the hot hot plains and managed to get intwined with a group of 10 school boys and 2 very uninterested teachers. Unfortunately we followed them into our camp for the night, Hainsworth Hut, but camped behind a small hill and still took full use of the ‘facilities’ there. It has been hot hot hot for the last 3 days, we are yet to see a cloud in the sky (feels like). Happy hikers, tired feet and legs.


Top quality facilities/free foot bath, Hainsworth Hut, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Pack explosion at camp, Photo Phoebe Robertson

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