AAWT Day 6 Witzes Hut to Tabletop Mountain

Today was killer, we ended up walking 26ish kms as we walked right past our intended campsite at 9 Mile Creek. We just didn’t realise we walked so fast, well not till 2km past camp and so decided to keep walking walking. We collected water from a spring and ended up camping on the track, reasonably comfy though.


Girl on a log, Kiandra Creek, Photo Phoebe Robertson

In the morning we crossed more plains after leaving Witzes Hut and passed up many good swimming opportunities till we finally made it to the Encumbere River. In site of the Snowy Mountains Highway I was the only swimmer in the beautiful clear water. I mooned a truck driver before putting my stinky clothes back on. We walked up the highway to Kiandra, a gold mining ghost town still in possession of a grand bluestone courthouse. Beautiful dunnies on site!


How to be a bum, Photo Phoebe Robertson


Too stinky for dinks, Snowy Mountains Highway, Photo Meg Wettenhall

Out of the barren Kiandra valley we walked, up and up until the mountains of this morning were below us. As we walk the wild flowers became lusher and the brumby numbers decreased. On the high plate we could see Mt. Jugungal regularly and even once caught site of the main range, our destination in 3 days time. We are feeling sore after todays epic walk, and are in bed well before sunset.


Moving on up! Mt Selwyn, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Brumby TV EXCLUSIVE, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Alpine Paper Daises, Photo Meg Wettenhall

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