AAWT Day 7 Tabletop Mountain to MacKays Hut


On the great divide, near Tabletop Mountain, Photo Meg Wettenhall

Today marks one week of blue skies and the first day we felt we weren’t suffering. We got into camp with happy feet! From tabletop Mountain we continued along the top of the great dividing range, heading through the did over Happy Jacks Hut. The Corowongs were out in force, huge family groups singing us down the track. And we moved! Swiftly covering 12kms by 11ish (still no watch) and had our first break by Barney’s Creek, thanks Barney. Descending to the creek and the pains we could see Jugungal looming, our destination tomorrow, patches still lingering on the tops.


Hi Jugungal you distant knob! Photo Phoebe Robertson


Swim time, Barney’s Creek, Photo Harriet Robertson

Another solo dip for me, feeling rejuvenated we quickly walked over a small hot wooded ridge to lunch a Crooks Racecoruse, a low open saddle extending down of both sides, on which I imagined horse thieves of old thundering away. Another climb and a few high valleys later we arrived at MacKay’s Hut On the way we saw a thorny devil and I got quite excited. The hut has a great view of the high valley and continuing mountain tops but its quite windy. We ate falafals and hummus and tabouli mmm mmmm and did yoga in the sun (led by Meg). The sun is only just beginning to set and we are already thinking of bed. Thanks for the chairs Kosciuszko Hut Association (KHA), they really made my afternoon.


Probs not as comfy as it looks, Photo Phoebe Robertson


The end is in sight, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Just act natural, MacKay’s Hut, Photo Meg Wettenhall


MacKay’s Hut camp and hi, Photo Phoebe Robertson

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