AAWT Day 11 – Thredbo to Tin Mine Huts


Fresh gang, Photo Keith Robertson

I was so surprised we made it to Tin Mine Huts, but we did! I was surprised because we are back up to approximately 20-24kg packs and we walked 26kms. Heavy. We picked up a lovely Mia during our day off in Thredbo, this is her first day out. She is a stoic trooper, not even slowest in the group, that honour as ever goes to me!


Our snowy dreams of yesterday, Photo Mia Schoen

We climbed over a small ridge away from the Snowy Mountains Highway moving from open valleys with beautiful views of Kosciuszko into beautiful unburnt snow gum forest. It was sunny but strong winds buffeted us about.


Thredbo River, Rams Head Range in the background, Photo Phoebe Robertson


Snowgums! Photo Mia Schoen


Cascade Hut, Photo Phoebe Robertson

After a break at Cascade Hut, which was very quaint, we set off into the dark of a storm on the undulating jeep track to Tin Mine Huts. This is 16kms of not particularly interesting or changing bushfire regrowth, a dense undergrowth which makes you feel like you’re on a bushwalking highway. Right after lunch, cutting us off suddenly from our break, the rain started and got heavier and heavier till just after we reached the hut when it started to bucket. So pretty good timing really. Mia saw her first brumby! Which kinda played with us trotting ahead on the path whenever we got to close, but not going far ahead.


Brumby tag, Photo Mia Schoen

Tin Mine Hut has 2 1930s huts on great flat grassy lawns that are brumby maintained into 1950s lawns, also great for camping. The fire in the larger of the two hut dried out all our wet clothes overnight. We stayed up quite late for us, smoked jazz cigarettes and drank tea. Mia has brought dehydrated beer from the internet/US which is surprisingly pretty tasty! But ultimately we are all looking forward to bed and resting our magnificent strong legs.


Tin Mine Hut #1, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Drying out, Photo Meg Wettenhall


It nearly snowed, between the sunshine, Photo Mia Schoen


The clouds were amazing, Photo Phoebe Robertson

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