AAWT Day 12 – Tin Mine Huts to Cowombat Flat

It rained all night and was freezing! It was the first time I zipped up my sleeping bag, the cold seemed to be coming up from the sodden ground as much as it was from the sky. We started to fire in the hut again to dry everything out, as more snow was forecast today in Thredbo.


Its cold! Photo Meg Wettenhall

After our late start, coffee and many trips to the dunny as it was our last for 8 days, we started walking…but(!) the track went down and to the wrong side of The Pilot (a mountain). It took an hour for alarm bells to finally go off in my head and I turned the gang around much to my frustration.

After our 2hr detour we finally set off down the right path, Cascade Trail, and moved quickly as we gradually climbed to the saddle next to The Pilot. It was exactly as I remembered! Annie and I had a very delicious lunch of donga (fried salami) after summiting The Pilot 4 years ago. One huge living tree at the intersection in a sea of burnt ones. It was a bit windy at the intersection to fully relive the experience so we moved a bit further down the trail for lunch, and then continued gently downhill on repudiative trail to Cowombat Flat.


Brunby skull, Photo Meg Wettenhall

As ever, Cowombat Flat is glorious! To Cobberas overhead becoming some off track adventures for another time, the baby Murray River bubbling along, brumbies gathering at dusk. We washed and made a campfire which seem to attract all the other people camping in the Flat. It was a bushwalking party! We chatted to an older couple who are hear for a wedding anniversary and were so enthusiastic about the flat. We camped with Bill, who incredibly met on the AAWT 4 years ago! He got married mid bush walk on his last trip and although I only met him once, talk traveled the trail of his wedding. It was a nice weird coincidence to run into him.


Camp life, Photo Mia Schoen


Money shot, Photo Mia Schoen

After dinner 3 stockmen who are out here catching brumbies came past on horseback. The stopped and chatted and when Mia asked if she “could take their photos cos they looked like they were out of a movie” they answered “only if its not a gay one”. They were actually pretty nice, but did suggest having some drinks together multiple times, even after being indirectly being asked to leave more and more obviously.


Man from Snowy River vs Brokeback Mountain, Photo Mia Schoen

Now I get to snuggle with Mia in the tent and lay down, one of my favourite parts of the day along with swimming.

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