AAWT Day 14 – Limestone Creek to Buckwong Creek

2 weeks on the trail. It feels like forever and only a second, its gone so quickly but if I think about how much we have done already every day feels huge! We were us and going early today as although we only have 15kms, its mostly on routes which can be hard to find. A 200m steep climb first thing got us going and we were up and away, hearts racing, out of our little oasis. As we climbed we left the rich bird and insect song behind and ascended over a few creeks named cutely Smoke Oh and less nicely Dead Horse into dry forest.


Route finding, Photo Meg Wettenhall


Tummy drum to relax, Photo Mia Schoen

The higher we climbed the drier and rockier it became. The morning cloud cover quickly lifted and soon the sun shone down hard on us as we climbed a near vertical slope. Straight up the mountain this path went, no faffing about. After travelling 3kms in 2hrs we finally made it to the top and lunch at Misery Rd and lovely forest and heaps of snow grass to cushion our cushions. The birds found us and we ate in full chorus.


PCT girl gang! Photo Mia Schoen


Flakes, Photo Phoebe Robertson


Misery Rd, Photo Meg Wettenhall

Misery Rd was really beautiful, we could see mountains through sparse snow gums, the horizon blue on blue. We also caught glimpses of the Main Range so far away! We were enjoying ourselves so much that we walked right past our turn off and had to do some back tracking. Once we hit the route again the path got straight back into business by directly descending the other side, becoming scrubbier and scrubbier the lower we went. Our legs were really feeling it, our calves tired from the climb and our thighs really burning on the way down. We finally made it to the lush but eerie boggy grass flats by Buckwong Creek. 4 years ago Annie and I walked through a brumby graveyard here, and although all we saw were a few bones, the feeling was there.


Simpsons clouds, Photo Mia Schoen


Creepy bog, Photo Mia Schoen

The boggy track led us over huge quarts rocks to a super excellent camp, spongy grass, birds galore, deep creek for washing in, heaps of firewood. We were all pretty exhausted and quickly set about cooking so we could go to bed early. Harry found the chocolate and was pretty content eating and reading fireside. We plan to be up early tomorrow for our huge day of climbing, so sweet dreams to me!


Camp by Buckwong, Photo Mia Schoen


This is how you do it, Photo Meg Wettenhall

Some beautiful flowers (photos Meg Wettenhall):





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