The One Month Count Down

Yep, so you probably guessed it from the title, we start walking in one month from yesterday and I’m so excited! The PCT has been a 2 year obsession of mine, and those who know me are either tired of me talking about it constantly or have dreamed of joining me. The two that have stuck are my sister Harriet and old old friend Meg. We are the PCT girl gang! We have grown up together, originally sharing a backyard in Melbourne and building cubbies with complex rope pulley systems to transport messages in a secret language, playing lion king and going on family holidays together which were often bushwalking to a secret cave our dads found in the 70s in the Grampians. When Meg was 7 her family moved to the country and Harry and I spent our holidays riding horses all day, swimming in dams, deliberately getting lost in the Wombat State Park, finding the secret daffodil grove in a maze of thorns and building horse yards in the bush to camp overnight at. We have also travelled together in South East Asia and most recently walked for 3 weeks on the AAWT (check out our previous blog posts). This has all been mental and physical training for the PCT, and I think we have built a strong foundation for a successful hike!

We plan to post daily in this blog about our adventure, internet connection/phone range permitting. So friends, family, and friendly strangers please follow us on this long long walk from Mexico to Canada. What an adventure. This is a queer friendly, body positive, feminist space, so meanies please quietly excuse yourselves.

March feels like a month of goodbyes, the clock is ticking and time spent with friends, family and my lovely girlfriend Mia precious. Yesterday Harriet and I went for a drive with our dad from Healsville to Warburton via Mt Donna Buang. We went on a few short walks to Ben’s Cairn and into old growth rainforest especially to see Myrtle Beech trees, one of the few pockets of them in Victoria. They are the ultimate fairy tree and a family favourite, here are some picks. Xxooxxoo


Regal Mountain Ash


Harriet and the Tea Tree

2 thoughts on “The One Month Count Down

  1. What a great adventure you’re on! Good luck this month. There’s some rain coming for the weekend but you’ve got some of the nicest, crispest days to come and the beauty of autumn, my favorite time of the year to be up in the mountains.

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