Living in America aka shopping for hiking gear in LA and San Diego

Picnic on the beach, San Diego

Wahooooooo! We leave tomorrow to start our 2660 mile/4500km adventure on the PCT. It’s a really long walk. We are really excited but also rather overwhelmed with the length, we’re trying not to think about it too much.

Finding friends in Home Depot

Harry and I (Phoebe) arrived on the 4th in LA and Meg arrived on the 6th. So far we have visited 2 REIs and brought a small fortune of hiking gear. At the Santa Monica REI we randomly met Cookie who hiked with our pal Annie/Oakley last year, she was very friendly and enthusiastic and gave us some great hiking tips. We also conquered about 4 supermarkets, a Home Depot, pharmacy and a Target and proudly gave birth to our first resupply box which we sent to Werner Spring. Our worries decreased this afternoon when we had a trial pack pack-up and realised that our bag and bags of food and hiking junk actually fit in our back packs. Our organisational marathon is complete 👊🏼.

Did we think about this too much?

We also did fun stuff too, like hang out on the beach in Santa Monica and San Diego, eat 50 million tacos (50% while drunk, they are even tastier then), get lost on the bus system in LA, hit the clubs with Pat and Heaven in our daggy clothes, chat with locals about how many celebs they know, eat more tacos, go to a diner and relish the endless coffee to combat our jet lag, and see one of Harry’s Boston friend’s band play on uni campus. On a more sad and serious note we have seen 2 major accidents on the roads and one dead body.

Ian Sweet at the Che Cafe San Diego

Santa Monica

Watts Towers

PCT girl gang are ready to get out of the city and into the desert. I want to worry about water, snakes and not getting pricked by cacti, that’s it. I want to start this gd trail and stop dreaming about it. Well luckily for me that day is about to come. Wish us luck xx

8 thoughts on “Living in America aka shopping for hiking gear in LA and San Diego

  1. Go girls. Lovely to know that at long last after months of planning, angsting and trial runs ( a la aapt) the pct girl gang rocket is ready for lift off. Hope it is a real blast and look forward to more despatches from the team. Safe travels and all our love. Alex and keith.


  2. So exciting to see you in my homeland of San Diego! I live in Portland, Oregon, but that’s where I’m from. I used to book shows, have a zine table and riot grrrl san diego meetings at the Che!


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