Day 2 – Hauser Creek to Fred’s Canyon – 27km

We are in our tents slightly later tonight as we made it ALL THE WAY TO FRED’S CANYON, that’s 27kms!!!!! Go legs, go girl gang, go PCT such nicely graded trail, we ❤️ you and how you make us feel incredible (but also incredibly tired). We have dosed up on vitamin I (anti-inflammatory) and megs magical witchy powder (magnesium to help muscle cramps). I now predict another solid 9 hour sleep like last night, we gotta give some love back to our super bodies feat. legs.

Climbing out of Hauser Creek

We got up before dawn and did the 8km climb to Lake Morena before 8.30am. It was a great gentle climb that took us past a big butte (new word I learned today for Rocky Mountain top) through boulders, asparagus flowers and manzanitas, which have beautiful smooth red trunks. The sun didn’t reach us till we hit the top and we were greatful. Upon reaching the camp ground we made deposits in the toilets and washed our dirty undies in the sink letting them dry on the back of our packs in the hot sun. The store promised coffee and we couldn’t resist, but we didn’t have a hamburger as it felt too weird to be back in civilisation after only 24hrs hiking, in Australia you can go up to 3 weeks between burgers. We met an old cowboy who showed us pictures of him camp drafting in Australia as well as a rude joke – what is the difference between kissing an Australian cowboy and an American cowboy? Australian cowboys kiss you down under.

Lake Morena

We moved on out and walked across the edge of the big valley that housed Lake Morena. Long lush grass punctuated with boulders looked inviting but the Crest of Pacific Crest Trail meant that we clung to the sandy edges of the valley and eventually climbed up a small ridge where we met two lovely locals and mined them for knowledge – names of plants, rattlesnakes, how do you pronounce charprel (not spelt correctly will amend when we find internet). They also showed us a natural arch in the rocks beside the trail. 

Natural rock arch

We had a brief rest and collected water from a clear stream flowing under a bridge. The walls of the bridge were covered with great cowboy graffiti. We taped up more hotspots forming on our feet and walked on across the valley fording one more stream. This is a wet year and the end of a 7 year drought in SoCal, normally all these water sources would be dry. So we are lucky! We reached Boulder Springs Campground at 2.30 and we set about having a long lunch or tuna and rivitas. Meg brought some butter and we all decided it really brought the meal alive.


We rested in the shade of a huge oak till 4pm to pass the heat of the day and then ventured on under a highway and started our 1000m climb to Mt Laguna (we will get there tomorrow). We were all feeling great till the last 3km push to the top but we made it with enough time to have a quick wash, pitch our tent and filter water for tomorrow before we started cooking in the dark. Everyone we have met today has been so friendly and we got congratulations as we trudged into camp, and in turn congratulated those who came after us. We wanted to join in the conversation around the fire but we were just tooooo sleepy. Night, thanks for reading xx

Our final climb

Moving on up!

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