Day 3 – Fred’s Canyon to Mount Laguna – 16km

Harriet checking in right now! We took it pretty easy today after pushing it yesterday. We all woke up feelin heavy with tender calfs, shoulders and feet and continued our amble up Mount Laguna at 6:30am. It’s quiet an elusive moutain. You aren’t quiet sure that you’re actually climbing it with the summit always hidden behind cascading spurs. 

Climbing Mount Laguna, looking south to Mexico

It’s very rewarding to look back and see our  trail disappear into the haze in the valleys. Today our trail took us directly north for 16km and it definitely felt like we were getting closer to Canada when we arrived at the top of the plateau and found ourselfs amoungst tall conifers. We also did get to appreciate some yukka plants which are flowering at the moment. 

Yukkas flowering on Mount Laguna

We arrived at camp round midday and thought we deserved an afternoon off. Camping in the Burnt Rancheria Campground feels rather luxurious with showers and pottable water. 

After setting up camp I headed down to the cafe nearby with Meg and Phoebe and had a strange lunch of meatballs and salad. We headed then to the infamous Outfitters for Meg who needed some new trail runners. Somehow they got to me and I agreed to getting ‘shook down’ which meant going through all my belongings and ditching the things that weigh too much. It’s rather confronting to have a stranger go through your only possessions for six months but they went-to-town and I don’t think I’m going to regret it! Plus I found an ugly green desert hiking shirt in the hiker box! Budweiser beer and salmon (chicken of the ocean) for dinner and I cannot complain!

Conifers atop Mount Laguna

PCT hiker app is great! It shows you where to find hiking clothes and beer! 👌

Watch out!

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