Day 5 – Seasonal Stream to Rocky Gully, 25kms

Phoebe’s log, date it doesn’t really matter/I don’t know ~ Last night was an adventure in itself! The wind that was present when we went to bed whipped itself up into a frenzy of gusts that were pushing the tents over and ripping pegs out of the ground and sending them flying despite large rocks we had placed over them. Megs fly came partly loose and numerous voyages out into the storm to resecure everything where necessary. I was in a tent on my own and it felt like I was in a rocket ready for takeoff and the only thing keeping it grounded was my butt. Eventually we packed up my tent as a lost cause and the three of us top and tailed it in Megs tent. We didn’t sleep well but meg and I did manage to kiss people in our dreams, some weird storm chemistry going on.

Desert blooms have us all swooning

We were all rather grumpy this morning but soon cheered up once we started walking and became immersed in the landscape. Others we passed had also had rough nights. We had breakfast overlooking a huge meadow, lush and green, stark contrast with the a harsh brown desert below, our destination that evening.
For our second day in a row the trail took us down down down, but very gently. We passed the last few straggling pines and descended into flowering cacti! So many wildflowers, so many vibrant colours, and some with huge spikes. We also saw juvenile yukkas that look even more like giant asparagus. 

What you can’t see is the howling wind

It finally clicked, the landscape here is huge and you can spend 2 days walking off a huge plateau. You can look at the desert below you and have no idea of its vast scale, or if small hills are actually small gullys. There are entire mountains that appear to be made of shale and giant granite boulders but nothing else.

Off track serious photographer, the pink cactus flowers are amazing!!!

We reached our only water source for the day at midday and stopped for a lengthy lunch, hiding under bushes to escape the sun. This is the last reliable water source for 52kms and in between we are relying on the generosity of trail angels who regularly stock 2 water caches to help hikers through this dry patch of trail. Even so, we are carrying 6L each as we plan to top up our supplies but not to heavily rely on the caches. The water points are a bit of a gathering point and we had lots of chats while filtering water.

Desert water point, apparently fed by a spring but all we could see is dust

We pushed on another 8kms after lunch through rocky foothills and decided to camp with Zippy and Rebecca in a well protected rocky canyon on a dry creek bed. We walked through the hottest part of the day (3pm) and as water is scarce we plan to siesta during this time tomorrow. Fingers cross for a good nights sleep x

5 thoughts on “Day 5 – Seasonal Stream to Rocky Gully, 25kms

  1. Dear gorge arses i look forward to my daily fix of cerebral cobras , usually at 6.30 in the comfort of my bed and then i snack on the odd instagram shot in between. I cannot believe the pace you are making . What is the tent situation megs single and your double as picture not familiar.
    We are at sp with bloss and co. Came diwn sat and met at meeniyan hall fir tony joe white concert. He write rainy night in georgia… about 50 years ago and it showed. Great hall acoustic wise the bull sizters play there so you could do a”HEY WE’RE BACK”Tour next year.
    Hope this gets through. Tons of dehydrated and vacuum packed love from alex


  2. Hi Gals, sounds like a rollicking night…you certainly know you’re alive in moments like that, ey? From your smiles in your selfie pic this morning I assume you had a more peaceful sleep?? Loving your blogs and pics and so impressed with your progress under trying conditions. Love to you all, Gayl xxx


  3. Tents disappearing in the dark area are to be avoided. Snug and sheltered against a rock face looks a better place to be. Oh, the pain and the pleasure and the falling into the rhythm of the land that accompanies long distance walking. I wish you all many exquisite moments to add to your store of memories. Lotsa love Gib


  4. Wow phoebe what an epic adventure!!!! How on earth do you have internet access out there??? Looks amazing, and hard work! Enjoying the reads 🙂


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