Day 9 – Agua Caliente Creek to Coomes Peak Nth Camp – 29km

We packed up camp in record time, 30 mins (not too fast) and were up walking by 5:30am. Up and out of Warner Springs Valley the landscape changed drastically. Manzanita in full bloom dripping with flowers to boulder fields and misty valleys.

Mist over Lake Henshaw

Manzanita in full bloom

Climbing all morning meant great views but no water until lunch time. We pasted fellow Australian hiker ‘convict’ who we met at Warner Springs. She is hiking with Tamika, but Convict’s knee was giving her grief and she was moving slowly up the trail. 

22km up the trail we arrived at ‘Mike’s Place’ a trail angel who lives on the actual trail. He provides a tank water for hikers but we also stopped in at his house for a beer and a place to chill for lunch. His yard was full of collections of scrap metal, cars and outdoor cooking stations like bbqs and a wood fire oven. We got a strange vibe from Mikes Place. Mike wasn’t there himself but the place felt eerie and seedy and usually I (Harriet/Pine Cone) love a good yard hoarder. We met Tamika there and waited for Convict to arrive. She is talking about pulling out of the hike so we invite Tamika to hike with us, at least till Idyllwild. She is funny and matter of fact, I like her! 

The last five miles brought new views of the next valley over and San Jacinto on the horizon. Clad in snow and cloud it marks our destination in two days time and we are excited to hear that folk have been crossing it with just micro-spikes and walking poles! We are definitely going to try our luck with the snow. 

Coomes Peak, looking Nth to Paradise Cafe and San Jacinto

We also got a fantastic view east to the Salton Sea which is a landscape I know and love and it makes me excited for the deserts still to come! Good night, more tales tomorrow! 

Coomes Peak, looking east to Salton Sea

9 thoughts on “Day 9 – Agua Caliente Creek to Coomes Peak Nth Camp – 29km

  1. Gals I’m lovin these updates so much I’m checking the blog every day ❣️ ps I can already tell who’s writing before it’s confirmed heheh xxx love luna


  2. Hey Girls,
    Nice blog. I like your writing, your photos of the nature around you.
    And respect for your daily walking km’s…seems much compared to others.

    Move on and have fun


  3. Good that you’re going to get a taste of walking in snow. It’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. You overcome fear by facing it, as the American writer Emerson once said. Now is probably better than later as by late spring/early summer the snow will be wet and melting, with a danger of sudden fall throughs as happened to us up in the Grand Tetons. Moreover, you’ll be facing a blazing sun reflecting off the glistening whiter than white sponge underfoot. When we used to ski at Kosci in November, the reflection off the snow was so intense that you’d get burnt under your ears and we’d ski in the heat of the day with hoods on to prevent sunburn.


  4. I agree with Gib that the best way of learning about snow is to experience it, but ultimately you have to trust your own judgement as to its condition and its extent. The High Sierras are obviously going to be the big test so they may be worth skipping and perhaps coming back to.


  5. Well i do hope you can continue but where will you get mini crampons.
    Love your blogs … you are mentally piggybacking a lot of armchair travellers.
    Sweet dreams. Xxx


    • Hi mum! So great that we can all communicate easily via this blog!! I have got micro-spikes sent to us here in Idyllwild! But also there are outfitters in like every single town, so it’s very easy! Xx H


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