Day 11+12 – Idyllwild 0kms

Rest. Relaxation. Long sleeps. Eating. These have been our goals over the last 2 days, but it’s such a change in lifestyle that it’s a bit harder than imagined to achieve.
We woke up behind Paradise Cafe to tents stiff with frozen condensation (I made all that water myself 💪). I was awake at 6am, wide awake, ready to hike kind of awake, to pass the time till a more ‘relaxed’ hour to get moving I listened to Flex Your Heart podcast. Sadly I have now heard all episodes but if you are a women who is active and doesn’t fit with the stereotypes it’s a really empowering show. At 7.30 we did the only logical thing when camped within 20m of breakfast/coffee, we imbibed and it was great! Zippy, Rebecca/buttons and Hamlet rolled in half way through and delayed our departure. Paradise Cafe really does live up to its name!

True Paradise

We stuck out our thumbs yet again and after a time got a ride with Janeene, who is supporting her husband ride the PCT. We chucked our packs in the huge horse trailer with her husbands second horse and squeezed into the truck to cuddle Rose the Australian sheep dog. She was a beauty. Io has an affinity with pups and she used to be a dog walker and even got some kisses on the lips. 

We are so friendly and not stinky, promise


Not really knowing what Idyllwild was or how big it is we got dropped off on the edge of town thinking it was the centre. Thanks for the ride Janeene! The smell of the towering pines is everywhere and it’s way cooler up here in San Jacinto’s foothills. There are blue jays(?), Squirrels and woodpeckers everywhere. We called David and Goliath who are letting us all crash in their cabin and started the 1km uphill walk there. Meg jokingly put out her thumb to a passing truck and we actually got another hitch for the final km to the cabin.

This is Goliath and David (left to right) on trail

Beautiful Idyllwild

Wow a shower is a magical thing! We brought clothes from the local opp shop to wear while we washed our super super stinky hiking stuff. I have been aware of my brewing dog perfume but after a shower the contrast really showed. We went out for lunch with Goliath and Dave, visited the post office and the supermarket and brought beer and prosecco and salad. 

So hot

Back at the cabin we got sleepily merry, played dice and cards and eventually Harry roused us all to go and meet Tameika at a campfire somewhere in the camp ground. Walking through a strange town, where the cars drive on the other side of the road, was a bit of a challenge when tipsy, but with the use of google maps we found the hiker trash sitting around a campfire, fuled by donated wood, eating snacks from the hiker box. We met a bunch of Tameikas hiker gang, including one very large bushy impressive moustache. Dave Meg and I returned home at a very tame hour (but well after hiker midnight/9pm) but Harry and Tameika partied on at another fire, but are being coy about the details.
Today we are all feeling seedy, some more than others. Sleeping on the couch was not as comfy as I remember, but I did manage to sleep in till 7.30 and then had the luxury to lie around and read. I’m going to buy some electrolytes as i have been feeling twitchy in my legs. I have woken up with a rash and mild swelling to my hands and forearms, must have touched something in the dark last night? We also have to buy food for the next 6 days. All in all time off has been nice, but trail life when walking is so simple I have missed it. It’s an escape where you have to trust in your body it’s powers, it’s such s rewarding lifestyle. Tomorrow we are back to it, facing our biggest challenge yet, San Jacinto under snow. Thanks so much to those following us and leaving comments (including Our number 1 fans our parents) xx

Miss this already

Late addition: we have had a bunch of friends over for dinner at our fancy cabin. It was pot luck. We had soup, salad, BBQ and sides, garlic bread and yummy dips. Talk consisted of life stuff, snakes, and the Sierras. 

2 thoughts on “Day 11+12 – Idyllwild 0kms

  1. Weird to be ducking in and out of 2 alternative realities… usual reality like having coffee with friends at a cafe and the hiking reality + SNOW.
    Make sure you report in when you elephants have crossed the alps ( they said it couldnt be done but hannibal DID).


  2. Lovely that you’re moving at a pace that allows you to gather friends along the way. Looking forward to reports of your snow capers. Good luck! Gayl xxx


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