Day 18 – Mission Camp to Arrastre Camp, 26kms

Pinecone (Harry) and I (Quiz) decided pretty early on that today was pleasant. It was so pleasant after the last 2 days of walking up up and up desert valleys in the heat. Today was full of gentle ups and downs, well established pine forests and great views of San Jacinto and San Gorgornio.

Bye San Jacinto

It was another windy night and while 5 Layers (Meg) dreamed weird things next to me I farted the night away after last nights beans making our tent a warm poopy bubble. We woke feeling pretty sleepy at our usual time of 5.30 and packed up 2 to a tent to keep it from blowing away. Our campsite was on the edge of a fire that went through last year, but luckily the trail moved us up our of the burn area and into beautiful pine forest and past small patches of snow. There is one pine tree in particular that I love as it has warm burnt orange bark the grows like a beard giving it a very wise magical air, I must find out its name!

Eating all the scroggen

We moved quickly today and the trail was nice to us with only 2 major ups and lots of sidling. Often the track would take us to a saddle and give us another glimpse of San Jacinto behind us and growing smaller. We also got many great views of San Gorgornio, SoCals tallest mountain, and it’s many snowy ridges. I’m glad we just get to look at it but not climb it as the amount of snow on top looks formidable.

Snowy San Gorgornio

At one saddle we too a shot side trail to Coon Cabin. I have no idea of its ?questionable history but it had a pretty freaky feeling. It was a many roomed cabin with a paved floor, windows open to the elements, no doors, lots of graffiti, fireplace and signs prohibiting fires everywhere. We were thinking of camping here yesterday and I’m so glad we didn’t. 

We also passed right along the perimeter of a private zoo. Inside were grizzlys, lions, tigers, and even a white tiger pacing about in tiny cages looking depressed and board and hot. The whole place was too depressing for photos. I was cross that this was the first bear I was to see in America, I’m hoping to see lots more wild ones up the trail. I also don’t wasn’t to watch any more movies with animals in them as apparently that’s what the animals are kept for.


We ate lunch one a couch at a trail magic spot run by a local hostel. We pushed on an extra mile for the promise of soft drinks and fruit only to be disappointed by an empty bin. But due to our big morning we only had 3miles to do after lunch, all down hill, and arrived at our camp by 3 in a excellent clearing by a stream in a sheltered valley surrounded by towering pines. We all are the last of our food, which for some of us meant double dinner, shared the last of our snacks for desert and chatted around the picnic table and joes tiny fire. 

Joe is building the safest fire ever

2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Mission Camp to Arrastre Camp, 26kms

  1. Nice to read that you are in fine shape, your daily miles seems good, respect. Thanks for the nice and impressive pictures..take care and have fun girls…



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