Day 19 – Arrastre Camp to Highway 18 – 17km

We set out at 6:30 after a slowish start to the morning. We had a short half day today and needed to make it into Big Bear Lake before the post office shut at 4pm. We pissbolted (or hauled-ass as the Americans say) down a pined river valley in attempt to get to the freeway and hitch a ride into town. 

Arrastre Creek Valley and logged forest

We ate breakfast on an exposed ridge over looking Big Bear Lake and City. We all fantasised about what we wanted to eat in town and quickly made our way to the highway. 10 miles by 10am! Just like the pros! 

Views East to Lucern Valley

We hitched into town with infamous trail angle ‘Papa Smurf’ and his friend ‘The Iceman’. We planned to stay with out friend Toggs who was staying in the fanciest hotel in town. We all dumped our stuff and went about our daily chores, inc a diner visit, laundry, supermarket and post office. Over all it was a nice half day in town! I (Pinecone) pitched my tent on the balcony so I was still technically outside. 

PineCones’s 5$ off eating challenge (failed)

Jacuzzi times (hiker party night for sore bonez)

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