Day 20 Big Bear to Double Springs Trail Camp – 2 miles

Joshua trees and Lucerne Valley

You guessed it, today’s been huge…that is if you consider waking in a hotel room filled with 7 freshly cleaned and well fed hikers, all of who promptly devoured a complimentary al a carte breakfast. Thanks Best Western Big Bear, and mostly thank you Togs. She left at a sparrows fart and the rest of us ate our fill, finished off our chores, which included uploading photos (that was me: meg), dunking fake nails in acetone to remove them (Harriet/Pinecone/bangs/…), walking to the sports store for a new top (phoebe, tamika and I), and getting a hair cut (dave). Busy bees we were, not really. We packed our now very full and very heavy packs and checked out by 1. On our way to a burger place for lunch, John a local pulled over and offered to come back in an hour and shuttle us to the trail head. Wengrstefully acdepted this, ate some more and waited his arrival. He shuttled phoebe, Harriet and Joe to begin leaving dave and I with tamika who was waiting on her food still. John came back, I was dubious he would, but he proved me wrong and was a great guy. He has lived in Big Bear for 7 years, loves to hike and interestingly spent a year going to school in Australia..Christian Boys College in St Kilda in the year of 1969. He hasn’t been back since, but wants to take his boys there one day. We piled out, all was well, waved John good bye, applied sunscreen and then I realised. I stupidly have left my trekking poles in John’s car. 


I’m hoping they are still there, or even better on their way magically to me on the trail, or being forwarded to wrightwood. My poles were great, and expensive so it’s a bit of a loss. I waited roadside anticipating John’s return, alas it didn’t happen. I did talk to some nice hikers arriving in to big bear however and had the 2 miles hike to our camp to myself. It was a little taste of solo hiking. I’m glad I’m not doing it, I would be very lonely I think. Tonight we sit around a picnic table.

Waiting for the shout out, and the poles

 Joe is lighting a fire, a first for us, and smors will be cooking shortly. Smors are an american delicacy. You heat marshmellow over the fire, then sandwhich between to chocolate gram crackers. These Americans they know how to eat. Tamika’s porta radio plays a variety of music. She did a shout out  on the local station to John…maybe my polls will be returned via the airwaves. It’s nice to be back out in the trail. The great outdoors, the fresh air, the calmness, silence and private way in which we can conduct ourselves. The cliches are real. I get it. 

Close enough to town for some world wide webbing

Shout out hero

Ps: we made the smors. 

Smors in the making

2 thoughts on “Day 20 Big Bear to Double Springs Trail Camp – 2 miles

  1. Poleless but well-positioned among pleasant people, it would seem. May your poles soon be with you, Megzie.


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