Day 22 – Little Bear Springs to Deep Creek Hot Springs – 37kms

Today was epic and exhausting but I’ll begin at the start. We woke up at 4:30 to prepare for the giant day ahead. Phoebe (Quiz) had a sore hip from the beginning which was worrying. We continued down Holcomb Creek and rose out of the valley and ate breakfast on a burnt out ridge. 5 Layers massaged out Quiz’s sore butt muscle to all of our relief it worked and she now walks like the well oiled machine she is! 

Sunrise in the valley

After breakfast the path turns west and walks toward the Giant Mt Baldy in the distance. We follow Holcomb Creek but the gorge gets steeper. We look down upon the river as walk. It gets bigger and bigger. 

We walk through a strange clearing before lunch that has a giant dead Pine tree in it filled with wasps. Back at Hillbilly’s house he had told us about these very painful wasps called Tarantula Wasps which lay their eggs in tarantulas and the eggs live off the tarantula and eventually kill it. They also paralize you for half an hour if the sting you. The wasps around this tree apear to be the same to me, but there is a swarm of about 300 of them. It terrifies me and I make my way quickly through the clearing. Later on I find out they are just carpenter bees. 

Looking toward the bee hive, Mt Baldy in the distance

For lunch we get to the first bridge and it has a decent Creek crossing to swim in. We all go for a dip to cool off. The temperature is around 30•C and we are feelin it and totally exhausted from already walking 22km by 12pm. 

First bridge crossing

Lunch time swimming hole

The last 15km to Deep Creek is very scenic. The river cuts an even deeper gorge and our path sores above looking down upon many tantalising swimming holes. We finally reach Deep Creek Hot Spings at around 5:30pm after our longest day yet! The Hot Springs are a strange mix of tranquil swimming paradise and a psy-trance new age hell hole. We all feel strange  about staying there but as soon as we hop in the pools we feel our muscles easing. It’s a natural hot spring piped off the PCT trail and then dispersed into a series of pools with different temperatures mixed with the river water. Apart from the human fecal matter around the camp sites is really was a nice spot to stay! 

Views down to Holcomb Creek

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