Day 24 – Silverwood Lake to Cajon Pass, 25kms

We did not make the same mistake as yesterday and get up late, even though we all wanted too. We woke just before sunrise on the beach of Silverwood Lake and got cracking to get to water and to beat the heat. We, but mostly me (Quiz) are glad to get to our first proper water source in 15 hot hot miles. We promptly made coffee and dropped the kids off at the pool in a well appointed campground.

So remote

After following a decrepit bike path and walking under a road we headed for the hills and started our main climb. It was hot by 8.30 but we still managed to power on up the hill to our only other water source of the day. There seemed to be hikers everywhere today, like ants swarming the trail, probably due to the very few water sources and camp sites in the area.

Meg and Dave at the top

After we collected water I started to tire and the thought of icy Coke motivated me for at the bottom on these hills was Cajon Pass and MacDonalds. We were passed by Jenny who is 68 and hiking waaaay bigger days than us, and she told us that Cajon Pass also had a super cheap Best Western hotel where (spoiler alert) I am writing this blog post now. With 2 such excellent motivators we all flew down the mountains through some amazing jaw dropping panoramas. 

Tamika and Meg in the water grove

Oh Mt Baldy, you’re lovely

We hit Cajon Pass at 2pm, dusty stinky balls of sweat with the hottest feet imaginable. The heat was radiating intensely from the ground and from the exposed rock and of course from the sun. It was 35 degrees and the locals said it wasn’t even that bad. We headed straight for MacDonalds and along with another 20 hikers quickly set about stinking up half the restaurant, one staff member even held her nose whenever she came near. After hiking food MacDonalds was intense and I was surprised that i didn’t want to eat more. 

Stinking it up 🖕

We then walked up the old Route 66, crossed the interstate on a non pedestrian car only bridge, crossed another busy road and finally made it to the Best Western where we did laundry, showered and got all cozy with other hikers including Jenny in the Jacoozi, they are the best for sore tired legs. We are currently eating sandwiches in bed watching Titanic and fighting over the remote.

Yep 3 doubles, delux.

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