Day 26 Baldy Campsite to Wrightwood – 12 km

This morning was the tail end of a big few days, and thankfully we were rewarded with sunrise over yesterday’s climb and the sprawling suburbs below. 

We slept in till 6, packed up and trekked out 4 and a bit kms uphill to Gussy Spring. It’s a large camp ground and the water source we had been waiting so long for is found down a steep climb. Luckily I hadn’t drunk as much as expected and Harriet had carried more than expected so we had enough left over so as we didn’t have to walk any further than needed. We were all feeling stiff and a little foot sore. The smell of town was a carrot dangling ahead of us keeping us moving on. After a quick breakfast which included chocolate, and bars, but no coffee we trekked on. 

This part of the hike was a taste of what yesterday could have been. Sweet pines and chapparell, replaced the burnt hillsides. We walked up and onto a ski resort. The trail passed a number of chair lifts, and a few fenced in pools. It’s kind of eerie being in a closed ski resort, all the things that seem so alive and filled when the snow is there are very vacant and still. 

The trail crosses the highway which leads to Wrightwood. We hitched a ride in with a some people showing some their family visiting from Europe and upon arriving grabbed our package of supplies from the post office and went to Evergreens, a quirky diner. The thrift shop up the street gifts Harriet and Phoebe some funky outfits, I (meg) didn’t find anything, but I’ve got my leggings so it’s okay. 

Some girls we met a few days ago at the hot springs invited us to camp on the floor of the cabin they have rented for the whole weekend. We are planning to zero here tomorrow, and maybe for Sunday also. A storm is predicted. It is potentially bringing snow and we are not in a hurry to get out there in those conditions. 

There is a virus going round and in some ways we feel like sitting ducks, hoping to avoid it. 

After showers we headed to the local brewery for beers. Many beers were drunk, and the afternoon progresssd as it does. In the evening we stocked up on things for dinner and breakfast tomorrow, which included more beer and fireball whiskey. 

We cooked up a huge salad, had shots of whiskey, and then begun a game of Cards Against Humanity. It was hilarious and dark at times. Harriet, who has never played won! 

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