Day 27 + 28 – Wrightwood Whiteout, 0kms

This snow is making us stir crazy, gotta get outta this town before we do something stoooopid (well more stupid). Going from where Layers left off on Friday night, after Cards Against Humanity Tamika, Camel (Dave) Pinecone and I (Quiz) stumbled back into town lured by Karaoke and even more beer. We sang, drank, made many new friends, danced, and saw a bar fight. We were all escorted home by unwanted boys, even though we were dressed like nannas in our opp shop clothes; crocs, socks and floral dresses.

Camel and Pinecone being drunky the clown

I was bitterly hungover on Saturday and definitely non functional till midday when I made myself bacon and eggs. Layers who was slightly more sensible the night before made breakfast including pancakes for everyone! It started to get freezing around midday and by the time Pinecone and I made it out of the house it was sleeting which turned into snow later on. We went shopping for dinner and ended up at a cafe chatting with other hikers and locals and drinking some more beer. By this stage we knew the storm had set in and wasn’t going to end till Sunday night.

PC doodling on our Agua Dulce resupply box

Upon returning home we made dinner and then the Navy girls who we have been staying with came back with a bunch of veterans and more beer, cards against humanity and birthday cake (Happy Birthday Blanca). 

Sunday has been spent not believing the weather report, it has been sunny all morning but is currently snowing hard. We are now bored and sick of watching movies and reading and the internet and we just really want to be walking again. We did go out to brunch with Zippy (our trail mom) and Rebecca who we haven’t seen since Idyllwild. Zippy had her husband and giant cute wolffish malamute pup with her. 

Dancing in the snow

πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ hiker fashion

7 thoughts on “Day 27 + 28 – Wrightwood Whiteout, 0kms

  1. Looks like the Mentalsnakes are now well into what the PCT is truely all about – and you have adapted so well. Why should we have ever worried. My only disappointment is not having a recording of Pinecones Talking Heads triump. Hope you melt that new snow good and fast – otherwise…


    • What do rock bands have to do with Cards Against Humanity? Do the Americans play 500? You can pass a lot of time that way – days could disappear


  2. Yes I was quite taken by the bear S+P holders too.
    Love to see a picture of the granny hikers ,
    How long do you think you will be holed up?


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