Day 34 & 35 – Huntington Beach Vacation – 0km

The last two days have been a vacation from our vacation. It was kind of random but a couple of days ago Dave’s old hikin pal Danny (who had to get off the trail due to injury) offered to pick us up from Acton KOA and take us to Huntington Beach for some r&r. We drove through the desert hills of Western Angeles Forest and felt overwhelmed entering DTLA and the hectic traffic involved.

Fried Chicken and Waffles at Roscoe

We stopped off at Rosco’s Fried Chicken and Waffles for lunch which blew our brains and Danny showed us around his old stomping ground in Long Beach. We were visiting Danny old house when this funny coincidence happened. This is Meg’s (Layer’s) recount of the story:

 “I was using the computer at this camp ground we arrived at and for the first time in a month I watched tv. It was the news and there was this dumb story on people who had dumped a puppy over a fence in LA county (we were 3 hours from la) . It was breaking news and the biggest thing they were talking about. They showed footage of the dumping, and had reporters outside the puppy audition centre telling accounts of the people whose house it was and who had handed the puppy in with the footage caught on their security camera. I was pissed cos I thought it was the stupidest headline news ever when more important things than that were going on in the world.

Then we drove to la. 

Then our friend who is showing us round took us to past the old place he lived at in long beach, as he pulled up he recognised his old neighbour…he hadn’t lived there for 3 years. We start chatting to this guy, then his boyfriend comes out and they tell us that they have been on the news cos someone dumped a puppy over there fence.”

Small world, fake news. 

We had booked out a nice hotel (which turned out to be in the middle of a vast commercial estate) and took care of business at REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sprout Groceries. It was fun to goof around and not worry about walking or carrying water. Whilst driving round rich white neighbourhoods can be boring it was interesting to hear from Dave how the whole area used to be orange groves and strawberry farms, the old bread basket of California. 

Goofin around at Fry’s Electronics

We checked emails, articles on the snow conditions and water reports. Our friend Goliath who hopped off trail at Big Bear City is really interested in hiking with us at Tehachapi and through the High Sierra. He has ice equipment and lots of experience and seems confident that we can get through, so with the combination of a solid 6 person team and his experience we are feeling ready for adventure. 

The hotel had a rly nice spa and pool where we spent our evenings and overall it was a good opportunity to reflect on the last month and reconvene as a group. Now we are feeling better than ever about walking together and so excited for the trail ahead. 

Catching up on the latest real news

Myself, livin it up with my takis 

Below: We even made it for a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean! 

One thought on “Day 34 & 35 – Huntington Beach Vacation – 0km

  1. Puppies and kitty videos. Great way for neocons to distract from the horror of the world that they are still in the process of creating.


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