Day 36 Acton trail head to Vasquez Rocks picnic ground – 12 kms

We slept on clouds last night. Big soft mattress, the perfect balance of DOF and hard. Pillows of down nurses our heads and  we were encompassed in the dark silence and warmth of any reasonable hotel room. The alarm sounded at 7, we packed our bags, ate some breakfast and went down to meet Dave. He drove us to the post office where we sent a box forward to Kennedy Meadows, including a new pair of walking shoes I (meg) bought for a bargain at REI yesterday. A box has also been sent back to Australia with the old billy and some other replaced items. After being true hikertrash out the front of the post office Dave collected us and we went to the house he grew up in. His aunt, Bonnie lives there. She is a performer and runs plays at her local library. She asked us lots of questions until Danny arrived and we squeezed, packs and all into his car for the ride back to the trail. 

The car ride back was much more enjoyable and quick. We didn’t go through downtown and it wasn’t as hot. In fact it was drizzling and low, grey clouds hung over la. We pulled off onto Mulholland Drive and cruised up it briefly looking for a toilet, and checking out what all the fuss is about. You can see in the Angeles mountains, it’s pretty nice. We got back onto the highway, still no toilet and found a gas station and to my delight a Wholefoods. We went to the toilet, grabbed and snack and piled back into the car. Only it wouldn’t start. After trying to it going Danny gave up and we headed to a food place for lunch in hope that a little break would allow the car to cool off and start again. Luckily, it began and off we went. The trail was only about 40 minutes from here and it’s amazing how quickly it turns from dense suburbia to barren, empty space. 

At 3 pm we finally pulled our heavy packs onto our backs, and laden with 6 days food headed back to our familiar trail. It was raining a little so we put our rain jackets close by. Dave decided to pull on his poncho and when it covered his pack and the guitar he is now carrying it looked as if he had turned into some hunched back trail gnome.

The trail headed up almost straight away. We climbed away from the highway, and where kept cool by the overcast afternoon. My pack was so heavy and I walked slowly burdened by its weight. The trail weaves its way through some hills and toward highway 14. Just before we got the drain that would lead us under Phoebe slipped and rolled her ankle. She was shocked and a bit upset. Luckily though it isn’t too painful and she has a few shallow grazes on her knee.

We walked on to the drain and met Dave who had got well ahead of us. 

We walked through the tunnel enjoying the acoustics and avoiding the slimy green algae in the middle. 

On the other side we decided to walk onto the picnic ground another 2.5 kms as it was getting into the late afternoon and the sky was still threatening rain. 

The trail rounded the corner and our minds were blown. 

Vasquez Rocks are an amazing mass of rocks. Look on Wikipedia they have  a reasonable interesting formation story. Anyway, it’s like walking among a strange valley of rocks from outer space. 

We loved it and also loved the quirky wooden interpretive sign posts which labeled the endemic to the area. A few favs were bladderpoo, our lords candle (yukka), and wild cucumber. We wandered through taking many, many photos.

 As we climbed up out the main section of rocks the sun began to set. The light coming through grey clouds, hitting the pink rocks was a beautiful site. 

We arrived at camp, pitched tents and had Dave serranade us with his voice and guitar while we cooked dinner.

It was a lovely evening and we are now in bed as it’s quite chilly. 

2 thoughts on “Day 36 Acton trail head to Vasquez Rocks picnic ground – 12 kms

  1. To the High Mountains – like something out of the Lord of the Rings, with the Vasquez Rocks standing in as an appropriate portal.


  2. Dear Meg,
    I am delighted you “liked” my birthday. Celebrated with Peter Howie whose bd is 25th.
    Have been an avid follower of your blogs since Day 1 and feel bereft if a day’s blog is delayed.
    Best wishes for the days ahead as you contemplate the challenge of the Sierras. Will be holding my breath and barracking for you, Phoebe and Harriet.
    Three cheers to you


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