Day 37 – Vasquez Rocks to nondescript dirt road, 33kms

Mmmmm my new blow up mat, about 5 cms thick as apposed to the 1.5cm one i (Quiz) just sent home, is so luxurious that I was looking forward to bed before hopping out of it! This was probably also because it was 5 god damned AM and the sun was not yet risen. We are up so early because it’s 40km to Casa Del Luna, an iconic trail angle house and we entertained the thought of getting there by evening. Haha to us as we were very easily swayed from this plan. 

We packed up and walked through yet more excellent rock formations before hitting a paved road which we followed into the town Agua Dolce (Sweet/freshwater). I was sad to say goodbye to Vasquez rocks as I have watched plenty of planet of the apes and Star Trek in my time and would like to rewatch some of the episodes filmed here. 

Agua Dulce is one of the only towns the PCT actually goes straight through, unfortunately this involves quite a bit of road walking. We made it to a cafe in town by 6.30, and even though it didn’t open till 7 Dave managed to talk us into staying for breakfast. His argument was sound, we can either wait 30 min here and eat a hot breakfast and coffee or walk on and wait 30 min plus in Kennedy Meadows waiting for the snow to melt. We chose coffee. It was goooooood coffee, so were the breakfast burritos (my first ever).

We finally hit the road again after making it 2.5kms in 3hrs only to be waylaid by the Navy girls we stayed with in Wrightwood. They have been making good time with heaps of 20 mile days so hopefully we see them again soon. The road walk continued for quite a while but we did get to see a coyote who very calmly strutted across the road in from of us.When we finally made it out of town we walked into a beautiful lush unburnt valley, it made me happy and the grass was magic.

We climbed up and up through grass up to our waists, which concealed one real racer snake and many many phantom rattles. At the water source another hiker said they had seen a rare green Mojave rattler. We camped out at a piped spring for lunch with about 10 other hikers as it was our only water for the next 25kms. We decided that our Casa Del Luna window was gone but picked a campsite 8kms from town.
After lunch our trail took us down into another lush green valley, this time with a large dam with many islands at one end. We started our climb up the other side thankful for cloud cover and a strong wind. I have been sweating buckets and my back chaff is complaining, but not as much as poor Pinecone who’s chaff is off the chain and now emitting heat. It’s not helping that we are carrying 4L each to dry camp for tonight. 

On our final descent we were all starting to slow down and get weary. I decided to listen to a punk music podcast as it’s good music to walk to. We had been passed by everyone else on the trail and it dawned on us that there was a good chance that all the tent spots at the campsite we were aiming for could be taken. We came to a very unused looking dirt road and decided to call it home for the night. Due to lack of space Layers and Dave are sharing a tent on a flat spot off the road and Pinecone and I are on a nice flat spot on the road so we are hoping for no traffic. We got into camp at 6.30, after such a long day we cooked quickly and jumped straight into bed, tired but feeling good. Thank you legs, I love you 😍 

2 thoughts on “Day 37 – Vasquez Rocks to nondescript dirt road, 33kms

  1. Don’t like the sound of chaff off a chain. Probably worse than galloping blisters but not as bad as a blinding migraine while a vehicle flattening your tent would be off the scale.


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