Day 38 – Non descript dirt road to Casa De Luna – 7km

So many near ‘Zero Days’! Ahhh well, we are literally waiting for snow to melt!

Last night we camped on an old dirt road. Luckily no one drove down it all night. It had been the only free spot amongst the shrubs. In the morning there was a thick mist over everything. I couldn’t even really remember where we had camped. The inside of our tent flys were saturated and even our sleeping bags were moist with condensation.

It was an easy 7km walk down to the road today. We didn’t even eat breakfast because we heard there was a cafe we could hitch to on the road. We are getting in a habit of eating breakfasts in civilisation all of a sudden and I’m not complaining! We hitched a ride with a trail angels called Little Steps. She had done the PCT two years ago and now was helping out at the infamous Casa De Luna in Greenway CA. She dropped us off st the heart and soul cafe for breakfast where we drank lots of filter coffee and chatted to some new hiker pals.

After having a couple of days off we are hiking with a completely new set of faces, lots of Americans and Germans, all lovely folks. We thought we better go check out Casa De Luna because we had heard so many amazing things about it. When we rocked up from the cafe we read a sign above their door saying, ‘hippie daycare’ and thats exactly what I felt like right now!

It was early in the day still so we hung out all the wet stuff in the sun, washed our clothes in buckets, showered in the outside shower and basked with some beers in the heat of the day. Out the back of the house was an intricate grove/maze of manzanita trees. We have been hiking with these trees the whole was and love their red winding branches and pink droplet flowers. We decide that this place is too chill and lovely to leave so we pitch our tents in the Maze and go to the shop for some beers.

There is a large sheet hanging on a wall where we all sign as our trail names and a pile of blank shale rock for us to paint and then place out the back at a location of our choice. I get right in the zone with the painting, finding it relaxing and chatting away to fellow hikers. It has been such a lovely day staying at Terry and Bob Andersons. They are definitely some one of a kind trail angels.

At night we ate taco salad and danced to the boom box on the portch! They also gave us all 2017 PCT trail bandanas which are very special!

6 thoughts on “Day 38 – Non descript dirt road to Casa De Luna – 7km

  1. Hey PCT Girl Gang, I would like your permission to post some of your photos and maybe a little of your prose and backstory on a PCT website I maintain (a labor of love). I would give you full credit and link to your blog. As an aside, years ago I attended Flinders University in Adelaide and fell in love with Australia. But there is nothing like the PCT there . . . so you were wise to venture to the States.


    • Hi Reese! Sounds great! Please go ahead and re:post on your blog! We are definitely loving the American adventure. Did you go to Flinders Rangers in South Australia while you were there by any chance? That’s one of my favourite places that actually reminds me of aspects of SoCal. 🙂 PCT GG


      • I loved the Flinders . . . especially Wilpena Pound . . . a very special place.

        I’ll probably create an initial post of some of your photos in the next week or so.

        Happy Trails to you all.


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