Day 43 – Tehachapi, 0kms

We wanted to sleep for days after a pretty tiring Mojave crossing but our damn hiker body clocks woke us with the sun. I was feeling pretty groggy maybe due to the curtains being shut and collateral tiredness. We descended on the best western free breakfast and drank coffee till we had to pee and caught up with Tamika and Oliver for the latest trail gossip. Pinecone and I (Quiz) commented on our lack of desire to get plastered which is our normal entering town style, but I’m still feeling pretty wiped out.
We bummed around in our room as it was still so early and all had second showers. Eventually we forced ourselves out to the supermarket to buy food for the next 6 days to Lake Isabella and to post to ourselves in Kennedy Meadows. That’s 18 days of food and a pretty hectic expensive shop. Sitting outside the supermarket sorting our haul into piles a very kind local offered to drive us to the post office, 2 miles away on the other side of town. We had been trying to psych ourselves up for the walk. Jenny our kind trail angle said she had to go back to work after she dropped us off, but spent a lot of free time driving hikers about.
The post office is hidden behind a petrol station on the edge of town over the freeway and train lines. We posted our food and then luckily enough got a ride home with another local we met in line. A+ town for trail angeling.
Pinecone walked to Kmart and brought us beers and we went to our favourite place of all time, the hot tub, to drink them. Relaxing there we heard about the $6 movies and decided to go see the new Alien film Covenants this evening. Time flies so quickly in town and after loosing track of time in in depth hot tub chats we had to rush to shower for the 100th time and get the movie theatre.

Gang off to the mooovies + town art

The film was excellent and gorey and had a hilarious human/alien sex scene. We were all a bit wired afterwards as compared to the bush movies are very loud and stimulating. Hopefully a sleep in awaits us but no nightmares. Xo

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