Day 45 km 929 … to km 946 – 27 km

After at most 4.5 hours of sleep we woke. The alarm sounded and in automode we packed up our things and headed back to the trail. The night had swept over us as we slept under the stars, wind occasionally rustling our sleeping bags and exposed heads. 

The beginning of day begun on the road we had been on the night before. In the morning light we didn’t fall over, we just climbed. Trees protecting us from the wind. At the top, just before we entered back into the wind farm we stopped for breakfast. No coffee today, the day break we were taking was not far off and we wanted sleep to come easily. The next few kms are a blur of exhaustion and lack of inspiring lands. After sometime putting one foot in front of the other we crossed a road and down a sleep slope a bunch of hikers appeared. In the early morning, it was not about 9 am we huddled around the water trough which has spring feeding it. We filtered water and found a large, old oak to make home for the day. We lay out our ground sheet, got out our sleeping bags, and lay down to rest. Harriet found an old bakery van and she and Perk made that they’re shelter for the day. We slept until 1 pm, waking occasionally to eat some snacks and reposition our tired bodies.

 Harriet and Perk’s bakery van get away. 

As the afternoon progressed the shade disappeared. We rigged up Justin’s tarp to make some more shade and cooked a dinner for our lunch. The hours passed with chats and laughter, attempts to read and more filtering water. Eventually at 5 ok we left Golden Oaks Spring and headed into the on coming evening. 

The land was ancient looking, a place in which the wind turbines have replaced dinousours. We followed the trail round the ridges and took a break as the sun set out over some beautiful mountains. We walked only another few kms, 6 at max to a grove of oaks. In the dark we layed out the ground sheet and set up our mats. We lay our heads down and slept. Night walking is exhausting and interesting for only the first couple of hours, while the sun sets. We are excited to return to normal walking hours tomorrow. 

Wind turbines at dusk 

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