Day 46 – 946km to Rocky Outcrop, 31kms

Night walking combined with 10hrs sleep over 2 days, a hole in my sleeping mat and terrible PMS has made me (Quiz) a crazy banshee from hell. Big love and apologies have been given to the rest of PCT girl gang for my craziness and fraught emotional state. I have cried a lot since we left Tehachapi, 90% at night. Night walking when you are bringing up the rear and are not carrying a tent is hard emotionally, you get behind and feel very alone and vulnerable. But (!) today my PMS broke (phew) and we only did an hour of night hiking in the morning, in which my torch died. Damn equipment fails.

By the time we stopped for breakfast we had transitioned from chaparral into beautiful open pine forest, only this particular area was also full of cow pats. We were the first to leave camp and by the time we had finished breakfast the rest of our extended gang had caught us. Goliath/Bob has been vomiting and sweating all night and was not in good shape, although this morning not feeling sick and moving at a good pace. 
Apparently we did over one km of climbing today but the only one I noticed was the climb after breakfast which was long steep exposed and hot. It did bring us to the top of a beautiful valley with pines extending forever, rocky outcrops and big vast mountains in the distance, snowy ones just visible on the horizon. We also passed mile 600, holy moly we are some awesome hiking ladies!

Perc and I had a break a Robin Bird Spring before hiking deep into the beautiful forest, the trail hidden under pine needles, light dappled, birds singing everywhere and squirrels and chipmunks darting about. Waster was everywhere, the most abundant it has been all trail and a nice change from the hot dry desert of the last week. We walked steadily downhill to our midday siesta rendezvous point at Landers Creek. When I arrived Princess Layer and Justin had set up his tarp and it really did seem like an oasis. We had walked 15 miles by 1200, yew!

It was had to tear ourselves away from such an idyllic place, Pinecone and Jamie napped while I located and fixed the hole in my mat in the stream. Layers read her book and Justin hid in the shade of a huge bolder weighing items from his pack. We ran into Felix and Andy from Germany who we waited out the head with on day 5 at Scissors Crossing and haven’t seen again since. Andy is still carrying his soft toy wingless dragon.

At 3.30 we finally got back on track and walked the last 5 miles to camp. The forest ended in a burn area which left the rocky outcrops the trail passed through sandy and exposed. The views were incredible and it was hard to stay on track my eyes where drawn to the horizon so often. Just as our campsite was getting close we plunged back into unburnt forest and came upon a beautiful campsite next to a big rocky outcrops and views galore!!!
We also got reception, which was important as we had not seen dave or Goliath all day and word from other hikers was that Goliath was too sick to walk on and was looking at maps to find a way to walk out. I called and texted them both to find that dave had stayed with Goliath (trail angle dave) at robin bird spring and they are walking out tomorrow to hitch back to tehachapi. Goliath is tough, good luck to them, I wish we had done more to help. Now to cowboy camping in a line of 5 and watching the stars come out. Xo

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