Day 48 Mt Skinner to Lake Isabella 27 kms 

Today was mainly down. Off we came from Mt Skinner, and have taken more mileage out of final chunk of desert. As we decendesd toward Walker Pass the scent of town caught our attention and we decided to head instead of camping the night out. We have met up with Tamaika, dave and Goliath who collected us from the trail head. 

Rewind to sunrise this morning. The wind died around 12 pm and the next 5 hours of sleep where reasonably peaceful. 

Okay, so now I’ll interrupt again. I have a confession. I haven’t written this entry and I’m not sure why. The desert has run dry on me and I am ready to be gone of it, or should I say I was very ready to leave it. Cowboy camping or bobbing atop mt Skinner was an amazing experience. The walk the following day into Isabella was same, same. More desert, more heat, a little dappled shade and a final decent into a valley which was very hot. We had thought maybe we could stay out a night on the trail, but decided against it as it wasn’t that exciting. At one point we headed a mile off trail to a spring and cabin. I thought we could swim and got everyone excited. It was not the Paradise I had hoped for. We ate some snacks and watched about 20 bikers roll in, churning up dust in their slick looking biker clothing. 

We signed the log book and waited for Goliath in the car park. Our chariot, a huge GM truck arrived, all white and rumbling with Goliath, our knight in shining amour jumping our excitedly too greet us. Harriet, Justin and I sat in the tray for the 30 miles into Lake Isabella. It was a beautiful and fun time. From the back of the truck (aka a ute) we could watch the mountains fall away behind us. The wind in our hair we barked like dogs and pointed out the scenery to one another, all the while cramped among the packs. 

We ate food at a diner, slept under old oaks and relaxed into the evening. There was a fire pit and other hikers to hang out with.

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