Day 49 + 50 – Lake Isabella, 0km

The problem with town is that you stay up late drinking and chatting and still wake up at 6am at the latest. The heat in the tent from the desert outside got us out and about around 11am, Harry and i (Quiz) opted to read and lounge while meg went out for breakfast. I have finished down and out in Paris and London and have moved on to Tracks. Harry and i ate cheese rolls with avacardo in bed. 
The gang returned around midday and Goliath gave us all a tutorial in snow safety, traversing mountains and how to use an ice axe. The snow in the Sierra is freaking me out and I’m still unsure if I want to continue past Crabtree Meadow/Lone Pine exit. The rest of the gang have been very supportive and are encouraging me to come and saying we will work as a team. I think we have a good team, I just need to calm down and find some courage.

This is how we travel now

After such serious chats we went to the lake for a swim. Goliath drove us and did some crazy 4Wdriving along a thin peninsula in the middle of the lake. For someone who is 64 he has such a cheeky streak, he has a good time in life. The lake was a lil filthy but so nice and cold. We jumped off rocks, chatted to a fisherman, had a handstand competition; Princess Layers was chatting to some kids who where trying to make her jump off the rock by saying “did you know kids way younger than you have done it”. Hehe that psychology did not work on psychology major Meg. We went for ice cream and a very American invention of donut sunday afterwards cos, you know where on holidays!

The Happy Haven Trailerpark are very hiker friendly and cooked up complimentary cheeseburgers. We made a giant salad to add to the pot luck and stayed up way too late again. Pinecone and Lil Spoon/Our Brucey stayed up really late playing on the exercise equipment, as we haven’t done enough of that already.

That’s a donut Sunday!!!

On Monday, which is also Memorial Day, we took a road trip with Goliath to Lone Pine to buy some more snow gear. The drive was amazing along Owens Valley with the Sierra slowly getting taller and taller and snowier and snowier on our left. Mt Whitney sits right above Lone Pine, a giant snowy bastard! The gear shop was very well equipped but like all gear shops are a bit stressful as it’s staff show you pictures of the trail looking scary and it’s impossible to know how much gear you need to buy and how much they are trying to sell you. Gah!!!

Early Sierra from the Owens Valley

We drove home via Kennedy Meadows which was in super beautiful surrounds. None of us hopped out of the car at the General Store as we all want to walk in for the first time with our packs as apparently everyone claps you, plus making it to Kennedy Meadows is a milestone on the trail as it represents the end of the desert. We have nearly walked 1/4 of the whole walk, and except for a few mountains we have climbed it’s ALL been through desert.

Kennedy Meadows

Hey When we got back to the campground we were all rather solemn after a day in our heads thinking about the snow. All the stress had made me tired and when we saw the veteran ladies we stayed with in Wrightwood we weren’t as party as they were hoping. It was good to see them though after so long (we saw them briefly in Agua Dulce). We drank up the dregs of our beer cases and hit the sack, eager to start walking tomorrow after 2 zeros…are we getting lazy!?

These ‘oafs are holding up the line

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