Day 56 – Corral Intersection to Lone Pine, 15kms

We are doing it! We are confidently and competently walking on patchy snow just in our normal shoes. This is real step forward for me, I (Quiz) actually enjoyed the snow today instead of being paralysed by it.
But back to the beginning, we slept warm in our new sleep bag thermal liners and woke at our high camp at our usual hour of 5.30. Perk had not magically appeared overnight so we set off without him but hoping he wasn’t far behind. 
Our track stuck to the top of a ridge gently undulating through arid sandy spruce forest, patches of snow laying around randomly but consolidated on the northern slopes. Pinecone and I walked together most of the morning, we got sprung singing at the tops of our lungs by another hiker. We ate breakfast on top of some towering rocks overlooking a valley full of meadows and rivers with a snow capped peaks backdrop, this land is drop dead gorgeous!

At Mulkey Pass I left another note for Perk to let him know our descent plan, then walked the final mile to Trail Pass. The rest of the gang was already at the intersection and not long after I arrived so did Perk! Phew.
We descended 1000 ft down the northern side of Trail Pass over patchy snow. Some patches were big enough to glissade (slide on your butt) down, which is lots of fun. Justin is perfecting skiing in shoes and Pinecone postholed right into a small stream. We all came out alive and unscathed at the Cottonwood Lakes car park where we managed to hitch a ride into town within an hour. 

The road into town was crazy, clinging to the cliff and zig zagging on top of itself. We piled out of the truck and into Alabama Hills Cafe again to devour sweet sweet town food. We booked a room for 6 at a local motel and waited patiently for the shower. After we had washed our clothes we quickly got about to buying delicious food and either eating it in bed in front of the tv, or my personal favourite drinking beer in the hot tub, and that is what i did till midnight.

As a side note, Carrot Quinn my hiking idol has been doing trail magic somewhere around the Sierra and I really hope I run into her, that would be so cool!

7 thoughts on “Day 56 – Corral Intersection to Lone Pine, 15kms

  1. Looks drop dead gorgeous. I always loved the pristine purity of cross country skiing across the top of Australia in winter, but then again it was mostly pretty flat on the plateau from Kiandra to Kosciuszko (as you three girls well know)! We always used to prostrate in obeisance, poles forward on the ground, to the only true mountain up there, Mt Jagungal, when it first hove into view. Maybe you should do the same with Mt Whitney now that you’re within striking distance according to my map of the PCT. Always a good idea to pay homage to the mountain gods. I assume you are avoiding the hordes and bypassing Mt Whitney??


  2. Good luck to all of you on your mountain crossing. Thumbs up for Goliath’s instructions and advice on taking time to do some self arresting practice… πŸ™‚ Snowscapes do have to be experienced – the silence, serenity and solace in their purity is exceptional. See you at the other end!!! XXX


  3. Carrot! Exciting times ahead πŸ™‚ I’ve finally caught up on the blog again, looks so beautiful and sounds like the best lil trail family you’ve all found πŸ’– -Luna


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