Day 57 – Lone Pine – 0kms

A day off in Lone Pine 🌲. We woke up at the Dow Villa, our iconic hotel feeling really positive about going into the Sierra, having walked up the elevation over the last couple of days in Inyo Wilderness Area. We were impatient to get back on the trail, but first there was lots too do. 
We all purchased ice axes and crampons and new boots for the snow❄️. Whilst skipping between hiking shops and comparing weight and prices we meet a lot of hikers. Some of them have been up in Bishop (the next re-supply town) and have horror stories from the next 200 miles. One hiker has died between Bishop and Mammoth, a hiker broke his leg in a Creek crossing, another feel down the infamous shoot on Forester Pass at 8:30pm and it took 2 hours for the search and rescue to arrive, a hiker has gone missing between Trail Pass and Kearsarge Pass etc . . . 

All this talk puts fear and doubt in our minds and I am feeling exceedingly emotional and nervous about the next week. Quiz and I (Pine Cone) make a pact, if either of us want to return we both go back. We treat the next week like an expedition, get up there, have a look around, don’t do anything stupid or dangerous. This makes us feel a lot better and I think our crew of hikers is really supportive and talented!

We pack our bear cans full with plenty food (7 days worth in case of emergency). Our packs are now excruciatingly heavy with all this extra gear. Should be an interesting time, hiking through snow, in elevation with heavy back packs. No wonder PCT hikers feel invincible after the Sierra! 

What we wish we had been doing:

A copy of my travel insurance policy lololol

At 5pm once all the shops have closed we finally get some pool time, say hello/goodbye 😢 to our families (jks) and nervously head to bed. 

3 thoughts on “Day 57 – Lone Pine – 0kms

  1. Best of luck and be safe out there. While a stranger to you, I have really enjoyed your blog and know you will do your best like the strong women you are! Go get it.


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