Flip #1 Day 65+66+67 – Bishop to Echo Lake, 4kms

Rancho relaxo aka The Hostel California has been our home for the last 3 days and boy did we need it. We are all pretty exhausted mentally and physically from the last week and to wind down and relax we did a lot of drinking beer, eating and lying around. 

We went out for breakfast after our boozy evening at the brewery and everyone including Princess Layers ordered extra food on top of our full American diner breakfasts, that’s how hungry we have been for working hard over the last week. Day 65 had been dedicated as a total rest day by everyone and apart from getting our washing done we managed lots of naps, second breakfast, book reading and day drinking with cards against humanity. I (Quiz) haven’t met many of the hikers at the hostel as people have been skipping from so many exit points along the Sierra, but every hiker is a friend and the hostel has made a really great transient community space. Goliath and his wife and pup are in town and came to say hello! Goliath fits effortlessly into the hiker community and wants to come back for more trail angel-ing and hopefully a bit more hiking. For dinner Pinecone and I made spaghetti bolognese, something I have been craving and talking about doing for 150 miles. PL made salad and Jamie and Sushi Roll brought garlic bread and we had a ten person feast! Late in the evening Perk, Mushy and I snuck beers into the cinema and watched Wonder Woman very un-inconspicuously. When we returned to the hostel, the seemingly never ending game of giant Jenga was going and we stayed up late. 

Beers and drunks

Still hikers at heart we woke up groggily at 6.30am and stumbled back to the diner for more food. Today was a day of action. I spoke for the 5th time with Leki and finally got them to send me a replacement pole to Truckee. I will be walking with a ski pole that I got for free from the gear consignment store till them. 

Dave arrived last night and we made our skipping plans. For all readers that dont know us personally the Mental Snakes PCT Girl Gang is temporarily parting ways. PL who has proved herself very very capable in the snow is continuing on with Justin, Perk and Little Spoon and a few new gang members. They are taking an alternate route to miss Bear Creek and the worst river crossing and exiting at Bishop Pass to re-evaluate their plan and maybe continue on. PL will be writing a seperate blog, posting on here with updates. PC, Mushy,Dave and I are getting a ride to Echo Lake tomorrow and continuing north on the PCT. When the other group finally skip north they will come meet us. PC and I will continue writing daily entries. It was so sad leaving out family as walking in hairy situations day after day has really made us a tight knit group. Leaving PL is especially hard, we love you and miss you already PL! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜­

The gang! Bye babes 😭

Snow and desert all in one


We resupplied at Vons a mile from the hostel and had fun riding loner bikes around town. Perk brought a hotdog tee shirt from a closing down department store, and upon seeing it Dave, PC and I just had to have one! Weiner Gang lasted all of one day, but we were super cool. Mushy and PC went exploring town on bikes while I finished reading Shrill by Lindsey West (read it in 3 days/3 sittings and highly recommend it to everyone, especially all body positive ladies reading). Like previous nights we stayed up late drinking sangria and eating Mexican and playing cards. Our packs are packed ready for pick-up tomorrow morning.


Home of the Weiner Tee


On day 67 we got up early for our last showers, our last trip to the post office, our last town chores. Unlike previous towns this one has been very relaxing and we are excited to leave but also feeling pretty sleepy, lazy and relaxed. Perk cooked everyone French toast and we had a nice last supper together as the original gang. I am currently in the car with Lina who is driving us to Echo Lake through some amazing scenery and past many many tall snowy mountains. We plan to camp somewhere near the lake and start hiking properly tomorrow. This is a new chapter of our hike so hopefully we have made the right decisions. Will keep you posted, xo
Prologue – we hiked from a road 1.3miles to the Echo Lake Chalet and now we are walking another 1.5-2.5 miles along the lake to find a campsite. Super beautiful here, we had a picnic on the peir and drank our leftover beer. Bye town luxuries.

3 thoughts on “Flip #1 Day 65+66+67 – Bishop to Echo Lake, 4kms

  1. Echo lake is where I spent many wonderful weekends with my American family in 1972! You will walk right behind their cabin . Please take many photos of Echo lake and the lakes beyond , Upper or Twisted I cannot recall and then you get into the Desolation Wilderness area which was JUST that and so beautiful.


  2. Anxious to hear how you do on this stretch. The only section I have left on the Tahoe Rim Trail is from Aloha Lake to Richardson Lake and I’m afraid we will have snow conditions all summer. I’m a hiker, not a backpacker πŸ™‚ I’m so lucky to have this in my backyard, but I’m over winter. Very warm temps predicted for this weekend and beyond. Post pictures, be safe and enjoy the Desolation Wilderness.


  3. You can bypass Bear Creek by exit at Florence
    lake catch a 20 mile ride to Lake Edison
    And enter PCT north of Bear Creek


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