Sierras Continued – Pt 1 Bishop to Onion Valley Camp Ground 

Missing the comfort of old friendship. Phoebe and Harriet, their support, laughter and fun funnies are north bound and we are camped at the base of the trail which we will climb tomorrow to venture deeper into the Sierra. 

After a days planning I (meg) organised my things, packed my bear box and gathered my nerve for this next section. I am travelling with 5 guys now, a mixed bag of quirky characters. Bruce, who of course you know already, and also Perk and Justin our other staple family members. We have reclaimed Jamie who letft us before Lake Isabella, and acquired Sushi. Sushi, jamie and I are all Cancerians (our month is coming). The ride up here was silent and strange. Sushi forgot his phone so we had to turn back for it, packs lay on people and Justin felt caged up and car sick. Perk and Bruce fell in and out of sleep and we others stared at our phones or out the window. Our trail angel, Santa’s Helper’s vagon struggled up the hill. With the revs roaring and Santa’s eyesight struggling in the growing evening shadow we ran over a squirrel. Dead. It’s a good omen I’ve decided. Onion Valley is beautiful, we must have been to tired the other day to appreciate it fully. There are water falls on each side of the trail and the sun is setting pink over the range we will climb back over tomorrow. Back to early morning starts and long days of trudging through snow. I am happy and excited to be back in the mountains. 

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