NOBO Day 80 Musings on a zero day 

I’m at the Kopper Kettle Diner for the second time today, ordering some dinner I’ll take across the road to the Antler Hotel where I’ll find a sickly Bruce, a bed, a tv, and a shower. I left a sock in the laundromat this morning and walked back over there to find it saftlet waiting for me. I sat on some grass and talked to Koby as the evening drew closer. Today has been very simple and uneventful. It might have been the most relaxing zero I’ve had so far. No organising, that’s already done, no activities my buddy is down and out in a big way and no where to go and spend money on things I don’t need. I woke early and lay in bed reading my kindle. I got up and made tea and watched an older hiker spread all his things out around him and slowly clean and pack them away. He thoroughly dried his jetboil, emptied his tent out all the while sitting with his dainty legs folded under him. There have been a great number of older men walking the trail, not so many women but of the two I’ve met they’ve been boss ladies. Both very fit, very independent and with Fire in their eyes. I packed our dirty clothes into a bag, met Debbie who lent me some laundry liquid and put on a wash. While I waited I went and ordered coffee and an omelette. I wrote in my journal, completed some postcards and felt for the first time on this trip a little bit solo. I don’t actually think up until this point that I have taken or had that time to myself. The time where you sit in silence, eat on your lonesome and think your thoughts without bumping into others. I watched the locals eating around me, went and put my clothes in the dryer and came back to finish my breakfast. 

After many hours I went back to the Church we stayed behind last night and found Ollie later out in the shade not doing great. He has the flu pretty bad. The next few hours I bumbled around, went and got him some medication and organised us a room to stay in. We packed up our things and headed over the road. Hopefully tomorrow Ollie will be healthy enough to head back to trail and fingers crossed my immune system can combat whatever it is that’s plaguing him.

One thought on “NOBO Day 80 Musings on a zero day 

  1. Looks like you’ve become SLOBO. Hey, you deserve a break. Get well soon, Ollie.

    A weather alert for the western US from AccuWeather says several devastating wildfires are raging south of you near LA and the 21,000 acre Goodwin wildfire in Arizona. Fanned by gusty winds “little help from Mother Nature is in sight.”

    “While some thunderstorms may be possible in areas of the Rockies and points eastward, most of the moisture will miss out on areas currently battling wildfires,” said meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

    “The only relief Mother Nature will offer will be at night when winds diminish and the relative humidity rises slightly.”

    Keep heading north!


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