SOBO Day 82 – South Fork Scott River to Trinity Alps Wilderness Border, 29kms

Today has been good great and grand, we (Quiz (me), Pinecone and Mushy, Dave is no longer with us) have been loving it so much we have verbally thanked the PCT many times, something we haven’t done since the Sierra. We woke at 6 and got moving quickly climbing our steepest climb for the day in the 3 miles before breakfast. We have been passing so many NOBO hikers today, probably 15 in total and 3 of those before breakfast. We also saw the cutest fawn and mum who stood paralysed on the trail before running off into the scrub, fawn tripping and stumbling everywhere, OMG 😍!!!

Not an adequate photo of the cutes

After coffee we continued our climb along the sides of steep valleys, some green and treeless, some with sides of exposed gray rock slabs, one that had 7 streams within 250m, and another that was red rock boulders tumbling down steep slopes with huge patches of snow scattered about. One thing I noticed today were the wild flowers, they grew in clumps so the trail would be carpeted with yellow then white then orange then purple. 

Thankful we’re just walking past those snowy slopes

Upon reaching the ridge our view expanded and we saw amazing sights around every corner. Mt Shasta is back! Dominating the eastern skyline, we also caught a glimpse of Lassen the active volcano we should reach in about 2 weeks, as well as countless peaks we don’t know the name of. We ate lunch at our first stretch of downhill for the day with an excellent view of Shasta and shade. We are all thankful that we have been doing most of our climbing in the morning as it is getting stinking hot in the afternoons and we drink so much water, even just walking downhill.


Super flipping excellent

Eat sign

Shasta skyline

Our camp today gives us an excellent view of the last mountain we climbed and is situated by a spring that is growing Picture plants! This is the first time I have seen these plants in the wild, I got quite excited. We are also surrounded by tiny purple orchids as well as many mosquitoes and big ants. We are sleeping with only the tent netting so as we can be bug free and also see the stars. Today life is very very good xo

Picture plants up close

2 thoughts on “SOBO Day 82 – South Fork Scott River to Trinity Alps Wilderness Border, 29kms

  1. So pleased you have regained your buoyancy of mind and step and that the track continues to delight … as do your blogs. Sweet dreams!


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