SOBO Day 83 – Trinity Alps Border to Bluff Lake Tentsite – 30km

This morning we woke up to Quiz asking enthusiastically ‘should we walk to the toilets for breakfast?’
We all agreed to walk to the toilets for breakfast. It was a gentle downhill to the toilet. We all fantasised about how smooth the toilet seat would feel under our butts and marvel at the ease of the sitting position. 

At the road we used the facilities and re-grouped for breakfast. There were a couple of NOBO hikers telling us about the good lakes ahead!! We set out over highway 3 and up the next incline to find ourselves quite immediately stopped by a bright green rattle snake. It was backed up against a tree, coiled and furiously rattling its tail! The snake wasn’t going anywhere so we skirted around it. Quiz and I both though it was a magnificent looking snake.

Prairie Rattle Snake

We immediately bumped into some Australians and warn them of the snake ahead. An American man catches up with us and tells us it’s a Prairie Rattle Snake. We have a bit of a show and tell on snakes and then halfway through the conversation he says ‘whell I’m not much of a snake man’ and heads off on his merry way. I laughed about it until lunch time, how he just switched like that. 

Today’s scenery was a gentle, dry valley, punctuated with striking views back at the Trinity Alps and forward to Mt Shasta. The grade today has been exceptionally easy uphill and we glided through the morning and had done 14 miles by lunch time! 

We stopped and a cute spring and rested under pine tree shade. We decided to give old Princess Layers a call and see how they were going stuck up in Chester. We had a really nice funny chat and are super excited to hopefully pass ways with ‘Bruce and Shiel’ in the next week and a half! 

After lunch we keep climbing and get a great view over Bull Lake to Mt Shasta. We are now really close to the volcano and we realise that all the way back in Ashland you could see it on the very horizon. 

Bull Lake

We pass the last water for 5 miles. And gather water for a dry camp. Not long after we find some steep cliffs with two tent sites on top. The breeze keeps the bugs away and  we had a nice night looking down over Bluff Lake. 

View of Bluff Lake from our tent

The bluff above Bluff Lake

One thought on “SOBO Day 83 – Trinity Alps Border to Bluff Lake Tentsite – 30km

  1. So it is no longer ‘mental snakes’ – the snakes are real! I am following your travels (and travails) with interest since Alex and Keith gave us the link. You are doing an amazing hike. The thought of 14 miles before lunch is so exhausting I think I need to lie down. David Levin


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