SOBO Day 86 – East Fork Sulpher Creek to I5/Mt Shasta, 10kms

It’s a town day and it’s Americas day of Independence the 4th of July! Double whammy of fun we hope, and a pretty good motivator to get us out of bed and moving. We ate bars for breakfast at the campsite and then powered the ups and downs to the I5 in 2hrs, 3miles/hr. We walked through thick forest alternating between just pines and eerily no undergrowth and deciduous trees (Beech and others I (Quiz) don’t know the names of). The light was green and and gradient easy and as a bonus treat we ran into Jill just before the interstate who was walking her 3 cute pugs, although Marty was a bit naughty and pretended he wanted to fight us.

We wish all river crossings came like this

The At the interstate we set ourselves up at the intersection for the on ramp and waited…and waited and only one car stopped and he wasn’t going far enough and only had 1 seat. Obviously our stinkyness was getting the better of us! But then who should return from her walk but Jill, she ever so kindly agreed to take us all the way into town but first she had to drop off her pups. Jill drove us right past her front door and to the neighbouring town of Mt Shasta, out of her way because she “could tell we were good people”, we know that Jill is an angel!

Castle Crags and civilisation

Priorities always go to diner breakfasts and we got dropped off at Black Bear Diner, it has a reputation and we have been hearing about it since Seiad Valley. It was worth the 30min 4th of July wait and we all couldn’t fit in our after our main course. We then walked through town to the supermarket to buy some beer, we want to celebrate as we are very patriotic Americans. We pass the town parade complete with old cars, horse and carts, floats and parading police and ambulance. Star spangled banner was sung and we felt like we were in small town in the movies!

The OG Black Bear Diner

After buying beer we walk a mile out of town to the campground, we booked it yesterday in a mountain Internet pocket and were glad we did as everywhere is booked out. Mt Shasta is a tweaker town and a hot place to see fireworks. We could also fit more stranded hikers on our plot and Woodstock and Action joined us. We drank the mimosas first and got a bit drunk just in time to shower and go in the pool. We ran into Rhino who we hadn’t seen since early desert and he offered for us to join his gang for a dinner BBQ. Of course we said yes and brought more beer as well as steak and veges and tinfoil. We lined a table with tinfoil and Rhino tipped everything into the centre, and doused it with salt, pepper, spring onions, balsamic and lemon. It was flipping delicious, better than the restaurants. Rhino even smoked some chicken and then made s’mores for dessert, it was amazing I don’t know if I can emphasise that enough!

Happy mimosa, I mean 4th

We also did some more drinking and we were probably the biggest drunkies at the party, but we soon found our party animal friends back at our campsite in the form of Woodstock and Action who were drinking tequila and making hamburgers at midnight. We stayed up till 1am (I got up at 5am) and then crashed in our tents with car lights passing every 10 min of other night owls coming home.

Dinner creation

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