SOBO Day 88 – Mt Shasta to Squaw River Campground, 26kms

We all felt so tired this morning. Town was killing me by making beer so available. We roused ourselves with coffee and avocado toast and packed our belongings. The day before i had called a trail angel called Tony to arrange a lift out of town. This morning he texted ‘I’ll be there in 40 mins’ and we all made sure we had our shit together. 
Tony is a local sheriff in Mount Shaster and is retiring in 1 week! And wants to hike the PCT! He is pretty much always picking up hikers when he’s not working and hearing their tales from the trail. Thank you Tony! 
We start up the trail today at a swift pace. Feels good to have a day off, gives your body some new life! We start at 10:30am and climbed nearly 2000ft by lunch time. Next to stream we had a little shady lunch spot and ByLine walks by. We all talk in a podcast he made in week 2 of the hike. He had seen Princess Layers and Brucie in Chester before Brucie got sick.

Castle Crags

Today’s walking was pretty gentler and shaded. We saw a couple of snakes in the afternoon that reminded us we are shortly going to walking through Hat Creek Rim, a mini desert in Nth Cali. One of the snakes I saw was a magnificent royal blue and was only 7cm long! Quiz saw two Bowers (cute & non-poisonous). We peaked the pine forest climb with views back to the spooky Castle Craggs, Mount Shasta and pine plantations. 

Old shasty

After our afternoon break the trail descended down into dense pines coating the bottom of a valley. We walk on the shaded side of the hill and it’s amazing how dark the tall pine forest actually gets! The switch backs take us down to Squaw Valley Creek. It’s a fast flowing full Creek with beautiful black river rocks and water lilies and ferns. It feels 5 degrees cooler down here and we agree that it’s time to call it a day. Walking a mile off trail to the car park trailhead nearby we find a disused road to camp on. We all wash in the creek and get ready for bed. 

Squaw River

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