SOBO Day 90 – Deer Creek to Washed Out River Bed above Walking Bear Camp – 30km

This morning began in the dank hollows of Deer Creek. Officially the third day of walking in a forest tunnel, we were looking forward to what the mornings climb had inshore. 2 miles up to Deer Spring for breakfast and Mushy and Quiz had already seen two black bears. Quiz had to growl at her’s and clap her sticks together to get it to move off the trail! 

Dragon flies in the valley

Views of Lassen

Deer near Deer Creek

After another miles climb, the treeline is breached and we get awesome views of Lassen and the other volcanos. The path sticks to the south side of an east facing ridge and took us up and down across the string of mountains. Quiz says on break ‘I bet this 6 months of hiking will give us another year to live’. I think to myself that I am definitely dying a year shorter because of this. 

Trail above the tree line

Above the tree line the plants are lush green and run down the steep valley. I find Mushy staring off down into the valley and I ask what he’s looking at. He replies that each one of the specks zooming around in the off the side of the mountain is a dragonfly, and that’s when I notice hundred of dragon flies like tiny light planes zooming through the high meadow. Comedically, we also cross a lone mound of snow. By lunch time we felt pretty exhausted. We ate lunch quietly, all laughing when Mushy’s 6 year old permanent retainer falls out of his mouth. 

Wild flower Season

Afternoons ridge walk

Surprise Snow!!

The afternoon consisted of one final push to the top of the ridge, then undulating downwards into meadows and dark forest. We came across great views back to Mt Shaster and the Trinity Alps. We collected water for our dry camp aiming for 20 miles, we found a really pretty washed out Creek bed covered in grass and tiny flowers, limbs some time to chill. A fond/funny memory came back to me this afternoon. Nearly a week ago we met CaddyShack on the side of a mountain. He was complaining about passing SOBO hikers all day and joked that ‘it was ok because only one of them has seen his dick’ (whilst peeing). I told him ‘that’s great CaddyShack!’. 

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