SOBO Day 91 Washed out riverbed above Walking Bear Camp to Delucci Ridge, 35kms

After yesterday feeling like we weren’t going anywhere today we had an action plan…well at least until breakfast. We got up 30 min earlier as it has been so god damn hot, and we decided to put as many miles as possible behind us before lunch. We walked 5 miles before we even stopped for breakfast (!) but our hand was played for us as that was the next water source after our dry camp and we are addicted to coffee. Our walk to Kosk Spring was really pretty along a crumbling ridge line with good views of Shasta and Lassen. 

My bb

After breakfast the scenery got a bit more depresso as the trail wound its way between logged patches. Not only does it just look bad the trail is always eroding and it’s really hot in the sun! PC states she doesn’t mind as it’s a change from the never ending forest we have been walking through. At our next break at Peavine Creek after this conversation i (Quiz) ended up chanting “nature good people bad”, perhaps we have been out here too long?

Logging and power lines and evidence that we are not that far from anywhere

We pushed through (literally as the path was quite overgrown) our final climb of the day to lunch which came 1 mile early at a surprise stream not marked on our maps. All our water sources in the morning were off trail so this on trail water was an extra bonus. We had walked 15miles by lunchtime and had achieved our goal, go legs! We camped out in the shade and picked through the last of our food. We ended up being quite social chatting at length to the 3 hikers who passed us by.


After lunch the miles breezed by as it was all downhill through shady forest on a nice gentle gradient. We were starting to feel the miles so this was the best possible track for the afternoon, also it was hot hot hot and we didn’t need to drink as much water. Eventually we knew our dream path would end and it did so with a bit of a bang dumping us into an incredibly hot gorge, complete with a waterfall and idyllic pool that we could not reach! Our path clung to the cliffs and we crossed the river upstream on a wooden bridge. We collected 3L each to dry camp but even in the shade by the water it wasn’t cool. We dithered about swimming but it was just too unpleasant in the gorge so we packed up and left. 

My ghostly beauty, Shasta

We sweated profusely climbing out of the gorge and even though I had drunk 1.5L while there I was soon dry in the mouth. The map app notified us of a campspot 2 miles south of the river with a good view but we walked and walked and were unable to find it. Eventually we settled on a nondescript patch of ground in the woods just before the more settled area around Burney Falls (we will go there fore breakfast tomorrow). It’s now 8pm and I have been sweating since 8am. It’s still hot and sticky and there is no breeze, if you don’t hear from us tomorrow you will find some well marinated roasts cooking on Delucci Ridge. Xo Quiz

Who’s your suga daddy

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