SOBO Day 92 – Delucci Ridge to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch – 8km

Ok so today will be a long post because it was a dream day of magic and worked like clock work! We woke up and walked 5 miles to Burney falls for breakfast. On the way down we met our dear pal Io aka No Show at 6:30am and have a fun chat! We haven’t seen her since maybe Idyllwild?? 

No Show, Quiz & Myself (PC)

We also cross Britton Dam on the way, today is already full of adventure. When we got to the falls I made us all a mocha and Quiz bought some donuts from the shoppette! 
We then hitch a ride to the town of Burney with this lovely man Jarret who said if he wasn’t just on his morning work break wanted to take us to some falls. He definitely loved to party! πŸŽ‰ He dropped us off at a diner in town where we waited for Princess Layers & Brucie!!! 45 bloody minutes later (rolls eyes πŸ‘€) bloody Bruce and Shiel arrive and it is so great to see them, lots of hugging and story telling and we decide that we have to get some chores done and then hopefully re-kindle the party elsewhere. 

Britton Dam

Burney Falls

At the Dollar General we meet Alex, a local poet, musician and writer for the local media. He originally offers us a ride somewhere, but when I explain our situation with wanting to catch up more with Bruce and Shiel, he invites us all to hang out in his pool around the corner. He drives all five of us to his house and we hang out all afternoon chatting to him, his awesome wife Linda and good friend Trapper. Linda is a nature photographer, the is coated in Alex’s wild paintings! A truely cool experience. 

Alex sharing his songs

Mental Snakes crew bundled in the back

Trapper has lots of stories about being in NYC in the 60’s. He is a jack of all trades, including an animal trapper and a fiddle player. He used to build commune buildings for hippy groups in the country side and is the nimblest 80 yr old I have ever met. We share music, passing the guitar around and all enjoy a relaxed afternoon. Thank you Alex!!! Awesome to meet you! 

Burney town signage

We hung out until around 5pm and then Alex gives us all lifts to our various destinations. We will see Bruce and Shiel in just 2 weeks back in Oregon! We go to the Burney Mountain Guest Ranch and settle in there, wash our clothes and our bodies. We are walking the Hat Creek Rim tomorrow! 

Mushy and Trapper

At night I look up and notice the nearly full moon, I also notice that it’s a full 3 months on trail, how time flies. 

4 thoughts on “SOBO Day 92 – Delucci Ridge to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch – 8km

  1. So nice you gals got to catch up, even if just for a while. Will be great when the girl gang gets back together again! Good luck for the miles ahead and all strength to your legs, backs, bodies……aaaargh!!!!

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