NOBO Day 89 Burney Guest Ranch to mile 1415.9

Who doesn’t want to wake up with a beautiful blue eyed cat meowing at your tent door? Many of you I imagine, but that’s how this morning began. The little kit came in for a quick cuddle after our sleep in, and we then rose to brewed coffee and a delicious Mexican breakfast spread. Our host, Linda called it chilli killi, I think. It’s eggs, meat, potatoes, salsa, sour cream, cheese, onions, etc and then she had made some wholewheat waffles too. Linda and her husband bought the ranch 2 years ago. It’s their retirement project and they have made it a very relaxing and comfortable stop for hikers. The ranch used to cater for fishermen but Linda enjoys the atmosphere hikers create. 

We ate at a table with a bunch of our friends and wrote postcards while chatting. One of the guys, Frenchie is an amazing piano player. He can play freestyle and simply just by listening to music. He played and I picked out one of the ranch’s many Christian hymn books and sang along. 

We lazed around some more and enjoyed the pool. Io, Butcher, Ollie and I had noodle races and we debated switching lifestyles. Smiles over miles would be our new motto and swimming in pools and living it Lux would be our purpose. We decided against it and eventually began packing up. Around 1.30 we headed back to the trail. Yep, in the middle of the day. It wasn’t too bad and after walking down a road for a while we left Io and Butcher, who were heading into Burney town to resupplying and headed toward camp.

Only a few miles on we came across some amazing trail magic. A table laden with coolers of flavoured drink, snacks of all kinds and pens to write our name on the table. There was a camera for taking photos. Of course Ollie got nude, i kept it a bit more pc however. After we walked on listening to some disco music and the miles passed quickly. 

The camp site it exposed and I wouldn’t recommend hanging here during the day but it’s fine for afternoon and evening relaxing. There are pit toilets, benches and water taps. We dumped our packs and walked .7 of a mile to Burney Falls. It was crawling with tourists, but still pretty wonderful. Ollie went swimming and froze his little butt off and we got some cold drinks from the store. We wandered back to camp and went for a swim in a the creek that feeds the falls. It was really cold also but beautiful and super private in comparison to the falls. 

Back at camp we ate dinner hungrily and soon after Io and Buther arrived. We chatted, listened to some Queen and went to bed with the sun. I’m excited to see the girls and mushy tomorrow!!! 

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