NOBO Day 90 Burney to Rock Creek 10 kms

Ollie slept in today, I was intermittently awake from 5. Eventually I got up and attempted to do some reading but was attacked by mozzies. We packed up slowly and walked to Highway 89 in hope of a hitch. My heel was really sore and I hobbled along in my teevas to the road. There we played Christmas carols and Ollie sang to me and did a little dancing. Eventually after about 10 trucks passed us and many cars Chris pulled over with his two lovely doggos. Chris is a house painter , he moved back here to look after his ageing parents and stayed living on their property after they died. He had long hair and played in a classic rock band. He is cutting his long hair off next week to raise funds for the local high school.
We did our resupply at Safeway and as we were packing our things into our pack a lady asked me if I need a cart. I looked at this well dressed, non hiker and said “are you Australian?” And she said “YES”. Melinda, is her name and she hails from Sydney. She travelled here 17 years ago, met a man and hasn’t returned home. They have 3 kids, and he is a wild rice farmer. Something about the areas climate suits rice. She gave us a lift to the diner where we had planned to meet Phoebe, Harriet, and Mushy. She said to me I had made her week, and maybe that would have been the same for me had I not got to see my other mentalsnakes gal pals. 

Phoebe met us at the door of the diner and we all had cuddles and kisses. I was so happy to see their smiling faces, and have lots of laugh and chats about our separate adventures. They looked very fit and gorgeous. We ate breakfast and had
many coffees. Eventually we split up and they went to resupply while Ollie and I went to the post office. We both had lots of packages. I now have a new mat (last one popped out at the top), new shoes, and a new bottom half of a trekking pole (other one bent). It was like a Christmas were you buy all your own presents. 

While at the Safeway Harriet met Alex. He invited her to his place for hangs and pool time. He came and collected Ollie and I, then we got the others and went to his house. 

Alex lives with his wife Linda. He is a writer for local newspaper, also a poet, a painter and a musician. Linda is also an artist. She is a photographer and uses her photos to make lots of lovely gift cards also. They were an incredibly lovely couple. They have travelled around many states of America and eventually settled here. 

Their friend Trapper came over and we chatted to him about animals and his travels of the world. They are all intelligent, thoughtful, worldly people. We swam, talked, ate fruit, looked at Linda’s photos, and listened to Alex sing and play guitar. 
In th late arvo Alex dropped us off at the trail head and we walked north into the evening to Rock Creek. We met Petar, a Bulgarian. He believes he is the first person from his country to walk the trail. I lost bangle somehow, very sad, and broke my necklace. A good lesson in nonattachment of material possessions.

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