SOBO Day 97 – Chester to Carter Creek, 22kms

Typically we all woke at 6am even though we had all agreed to a sleep in our body clocks hadn’t. I (Quiz) was a little hungover after the 8 beers I had last night, but try as I might I could not get back to sleep. After noodling on the Internet our tummies made us get up at 8 and head to the diner. Breakfast is my favourite meal to go out for in towns and this diner did not disappoint, but as usual I still drink too many free coffee refills, breakfast out will be bleak when I return to Australia.

Chester fashion

After packing up, shopping and a few loads of bucket laundry, we put on our stinky hiking clothes (or took off our cute but increasingly stinky hotdog tops) and went out to the main road to hitch. This has been such a brief town stop that we haven’t had showers or done laundry. Thankfully this didn’t deter a local (I have forgotten his name) picking us up in his limousine truck.

We arrived at the trailhead at 1pm and got to walking in the heat of the day. We were all not looking forward to the climb up Butt Mountain this afternoon and the ridge kept peeking through gaps in the trees on the valley floor. We walked 3 miles to a small stream where we stopped for lunch and to camel up as it was our last water for 10 miles. Everyone else was there too, at least 8 other hikers all doing the same.

Landers Meadow

Loaded up we started our 8 miles, 1km climb. The forest as we left the valley floor became really pretty, the sunlight falling on the trees casting dark shadows and making it all look magical. We often caught glimpses of Mt Lassen and the ridge walked along yesterday as well as some nice rocky bluffs on mountains to come. Towards the top we came upon the PCT midway marker! We still technically have 100 miles to go before we reach this point but that’s close enough so PC put on Tallyho by The Clean and we dance around like clowns. Mushy walked up as we were dancing and we accompanied him on his final few steps to the marker. We might be 100 miles short of our hikes midpoint but I did the math and we have walked over 2000kms now and that is a huge achievement!!

Pretty much halfway

The lovely magical forest

PC found a geocache

After we got our dance out of us we continued on and eventually made it to the top of the ridge. Many more excellent views and even some snow to cross. As we had conquered Butt Mountain we naturally mooned the camera set to a timer when we reached the top. It was a quick switchbackey few miles to camp. As the next water source is in 12 miles there are lots of people camped here. All the campsites by the trail had been taken so we walked down the path towards Carter Creek (it’s 0.7 miles off trail) and found ourselves a nice mosquitoee one. Mushy is christening his new tent tonight and is very excited.

Snow! And Lassen

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