SOBO Day 98 – Carter Creek to Frog Mountian – 31kms

Ridge walking in the morning

I woke up feeling tired and grumpy. Not feeling like talking I start the walking along the top of the ridge. It’s a great 2.7 miles before breakfast, with views back to Lassen and the rocks were glowing red in the morning light. Little deer hoof marks are left in the fresh morning trail dust. I am amused by the the idea of deer running around on the PCT when no one is around. Can’t stay grumpy for long! 

Morning views

After breakfast the trail is undulating with some abrupt ups and downs. The exposed ridge of the morning is now meadows and forest. We come round a corner to find Sea Biscuit sitting on the path. He has been sick all night with food poisoning and is headed back to Chester. He insists that he’ll be ok so we give him some anti-nausea tablets and keep walking. We all find the walk rather tiring, the ups add up to 700m for this day and that’s why it’s a late lunch when we get to Cold Spring after 12 miles. 

Cold Springs Cow Yard

Mid-morning meadows

Cold spring is next to a cow yard in a beautiful Meadow. We had interesting chats to a guy at lunch. He first told us about how he had seen a UFO just before Kennedy Meadows South. Also he wished a pair of shoes into existence on the trail. He met an angel, got arrested in Nth Carolina, believes there is a chamber under Antartica that is 64 degrees and is LIVING! Ummm, we are all pretty amused and have plenty to think about for the rest of the afternoon. 

A beautiful afternoon through the meadows

The path continues through forest and some beautiful meadows. Eventually it enters a lot of cleared forestry areas. I am feeling particularly tired after yesterday and ready to stop soon. We make it Frog Creek and Tentsite. We thought we would have been there earlier and we still have more climbing to do. We decide to fill up at Frog Creek and take the water to the top of the climb and camp on Frog Mountain. This was the best decision I made all day! The top was bright and sunny with manzanita and wildflowers. Lots of good views including out last of Lassen. 

Bean dinner with fresh ginger!

Mushy’s plush campsite on top of Frog Mountain

Frog Mountain Views

Curious Deer

Zydego, from Louisiana who we have been hiking with since Mount Shasta passes by at 8pm. He tells us that Sea Biscuit was napping on he the trail in his sleeping bag when we passed him. Zydego had fetched him plenty of water. Hope you’re doing ok SB!! 

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