NOBO Day 91 Rock Creek to Adlers Spring Junction 50 kms 

I waved farewell to my 28th year on earth by walking, walking, walking. And, as I walked I wondered how I could change it up for you, reader as Phoebe and Harriet have already covered this section of the hike. 
We decided in a moment of excitement after chatting with Petar the night before to walk 30 miles with him, and when we caught up too him for breakfast after 8 miles we seemed committed to our decision. 

This morning as I walked I listened to podcasts and thought about the learnings I was having from them. Researchers have suggested a theory, its called the head winds, tail winds asymmetry theory. It suggests that as humans we are more likely to identify and persuade ourselves that the head winds (those things holding us back/getting in our way) in our life are greater than our tail winds (those things enabling us to progress with ease). Essentially, this idea determines that we are more likely to resent the challenges we face than be grateful for the advantages given to us. So, i walked along figuring out what I was grateful for. I think way back in the beginning of the blog I talked about Robin Davisons idea that walking and living nomadically returns us to our original and best selves. We are stripped down to the simplest of life’s possessions, and allowed to in some form access that long lost nomadic life style of our ancestors. I am grateful to be present in nature, tied into it in a far greater way than ever before and in a way that is elusive and unknown to many. The list was long it ranged from brilliant parents and family to access of water every few miles. It included my mental snakes babes (der), Ollie, and the complexity of learning about American culture through the lens of hiker trash. 

Anyway, the day went down smoothly. It was easy walking under the lush green under story. We crossed many small streams and stopped intermittently to rest our bodies and eat food. We met Cave Money, a young German who is studying aerospace engineering. 

We arrived in camp in the early evening. 31.4 miles later. I had spent that last 6 miles on the phone to Joni and my parents. Ollie’s knee was hurting so I left him to set up camp while I walked another mile round trip to collect water. We followed a dirt road, passed a dead bird and found clean, cool water in a peaceful Meadow. Green grass up to our knees flecked with wildflower. 

Back at camp we had a fire, watched a young buck wander past and listened to what we thought was a bear. The boys attempted to hang our food sacks but it was impossible so instead we will sleep with them under our feet. Wish us luck. 

One thought on “NOBO Day 91 Rock Creek to Adlers Spring Junction 50 kms 

  1. Happy birthday wonderful Meg. Love reading about your adventures – a time of such meaning and perhaps life changing. Got your postcard xxxxxx. AJ


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