NOBO 92 Adlers Spring Junction to Waterfall 42 kms 

Luckily last night no bears came into our camp, unfortunatly Ollie spent many waking hours making sure this wasn’t so. We woke stiff and tired, we left and we walked out the stiffness. My feet ached. Blisters which had developed yesterday rubbed inside my boots. 

The day played out like others before it. We covered 8 miles before breakfast, then another 8 to lunch. We stopped at Ash camp and swam in beautiful cold pools of the river. Under dappled light we ate lunch and swam again.  We chatted with Cave Money and drank coffee in the afternoon to keep us walking. We walked through greenness, we looked up into the cool canopy and began to climb. 

There was little water and we had to walk on for another 4 miles. In these final miles we walked and talked intermittently. Ollie had eaten an apple pie and many lollies, I had a cliff bar. We arrived by a waterfall, it cascaded down over dark rocks. A plunge pool plummeted through ferns and greenery and we scrambled down to a single campsite. Exhausted we set up the tent and swam quickly washing our bodies of the last few days. Ollie appeared from behind a tree with a squashed muffin, it was laden with melting candles and a happy birthday. He had a teeny bottle of prosecco and sang me happy birthday. It was a very sweet and thoughtful. 

We ate a dinner I had packed out. Chana Masala from Back Packers Pantry. In the dimming light we shared a meal and I sipped away on the drink. Mozzies hovered around us and the water kept on coming, a constant companion. We then went to bed, too tired to talk, and ready for a shorter day tomorrow. 


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